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Devil May Cry 4

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Latest Video for this game: Secret Mission 05 -- Sky Scraper

The Red Queen Roulette Spin skill and the Air Hike ability are needed to complete this one. The Snatch 3 skill would prove useful too, but it's not necessary.

You have 60 seconds to reach the Blue Orb Fragment at the very top of this area. To start, jump onto the first seal and use the two Grim Grips above it to reach the second. From the second seal, use the next two Grim Grips to reach the next. After hitting that seal, land on the catwalk above it. Face the gated seal, jump towards it, use Roulette Spin to break the fencing, then use Air Hike and land on the seal. As you ascend, latch onto the Grim Grip above and land on the upper catwalk. From here, use the same Grim Grip to hit the final seal. Land on the ledge and touch the fragment to clear the mission

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