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The cultists first appear in Paradise Plaza at around 2:00PM on the second day. When you next enter Paradise Plaza after 2:00PM, you will witness a short cutscene depicting the True Eye cult. The cult has captured a woman named Jennifer, and seems to be preparing to perform some sort of ritual. Frank, seemingly unresponsive to the young girl's cries for help, decides that this would be a good time to take some pictures. Until the cultists spot him.

Youíll have to kill all of the cultists around the plaza to save Jennifer. As a unit, the cultists are quite tough, but if you have a Sledgehammer, tap and hold the X button while near a group of them to sweep them away. If you have a Shotgun, that works quite nicely as well. If you lack either weapon, use the Double Lariat attack instead (provided youíve mastered it) by clicking the Left Thumbstick and tapping the X button.

Be careful when facing the cultists, however, as if one manages to knock Frank out, he will be taken to their lair. At this point, itís quite likely that any survivor with you will be lost. Also, if youíre short on time, you could fail any current case or scoop. To avoid this, if spot one of the cult members slowly reaching into his pocket, dash away, as he will soon throw some dust into the air that can cause Frank to pass out.

If Frank is knocked out, he is then carried away to the cultís base of operations. All of your items are removed, excluding the camera and transceiver (go figure). There doesnít appear to be a way to get your items back once theyíve been taken from you. You can grab the sword from the red cloth in the main area and use it to slice through the cultists. Kill each and every cultist to receive the Pass Code so you can open the door and escape.

There are a couple of PP stickers in their base, so if you are after those for the achievement, you have no choice but to let them take Frank away.

Aside from that, the cultists have other ways of dealing damage. When low on health, a cultist may trigger a bomb that is strapped to him and run at you. If the suicidal cultist reaches Frank, he will latch onto him and attempt to hold him in place. Rotate the Left Thumbstick to shake the cultist off, and immediately jump away to avoid getting caught in the blast. A cultist may also take out a knife and dash toward you. If Frank is hit by this attack, he will take quite a bit of damage and be knocked to the ground.

Initially, once you have defeated all of the cultists in Paradise Plaza, you can open the box and free the woman inside. Take this woman to the Security Room to rescue her. From this point on, until you complete the "A Strange Group" scoop on the third day, groups of cultists will randomly spawn in different locations around in the mall. Once their leader is defeated, they will no longer spawn.

You get 500 PP per cultist killed, so if you see a large group of them, consider clearing them out to gain some much needed PP.

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