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Temple of Euryale Puzzle | God of War II

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Posted 22nd May 2009 by Rich

After defeating Euryale and heading outside, you'll be faced with a rather complex puzzle. Here's how to solve it.

Once outside, take hold of the handle and start turning it clockwise until the handle can no longer be turned. With that done, jump over to the small platform with the lever on it over in the southwest corner of the area. Pull this lever to raise the underwater gate north from the platform. After pulling the lever, immediately use the Amulet of the Fates, then dive into the water and swim through the raised gate.

Climb onto the platform in this section and turn the handle here clockwise until it can't be turned anymore. Afterwards, jump back into the water and swim down into the right corner of the pool. Use the lever there to raise the adjacent gate and then quickly swim towards the tunnel. Just before the tunnel's mouth, hold the R1 button to charge. Release the R1 button and Kratos should clear the entire tunnel, allowing him to get through both of the gates in time. If you don't make it, you can take a right in the tunnel to return to the first section of this area. Swim up to the surface, then climb up onto the surface and turn the handle to raise the column.

Dive into the water and look in the right corner for a broken gate. Hold R1 to charge and then release the button to break through the gate. Climb up onto the platform in the middle of this section (destroy the wall at the base of this platform to uncover a Gorgon Eye or Red Orb chest) and turn the handle clockwise until the column is completely raised. Jump over to the platform near the column and pull the lever on it to open the gate above. Next, proceed through the tunnel across from the column and turn right.

This next room contains a Fates statue and a handle. Start to turn the handle clockwise to spawn a Juggernaught. The Barbarian Hammer is definitely the best weapon to use against these guys, by hitting them with heavy (Triangle) attacks. The Juggernaught almost never blocks these attacks, and about five hits with a non-upgraded hammer are enough to take one out. After killing the first Juggernaught, some Fiends then spawn. Keep in mind that their projectiles can be deflected with the Golden Fleece. Afterwards, two more Juggernaughts spawn. Once they have been killed, you are free to turn the handle uninterrupted.

The column in this area will not remain raised indefinitely, so you will need to make use of the Fates statue here to give yourself enough time. With the column completely raised, use the Amulet of the Fates to trigger the Fates statue's power, then head back through the corridor and climb up the ladder that you come to. At the top of the ladder, once the Amulet of the Fates effect has ceased, use the Amulet again to restore it. Now you must swing over to the open gate at the end of the area using the grapple points on the raised columns.

A Phoenix Feather can be found on small platform near the final grapple point. While swinging around the final grapple point, look on the right for a small platform that contains two chests above a doorway. Swing over to this platform and open the chest to find a Phoenix Feather. You may have to repeat the raising of the final column if you chose to go after this item, though.

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