X-Men: Destiny Preview

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 25th Sep 2011

X-Men: Destiny

Game Play

As the ceremony begins an attack is launched from an unseen and unknown enemy lays waste to the area which is when due to the nature of mutations -- you know, stress points and all -- you are suddenly confronted with your own mutant powers -- actually this is the point in the game and story where you have to choose your powers, but it all amounts to the same thing really -- with the potential mutant powers being easily recognizable archetypes that we have actually seen in other super heroes: density manipulation, dark matter, or energy projection, which are all pretty typical of the powers found in different variations on mutants in the world of the X-Men.

Obviously which one that you choose is going to factor as an important element in the story that will be unfolding, though we understand that a number of scripted paths and endings were created for the game and, while it is not one of those never-the-same-twice sort of games, a lot of the triggers for branching the paths in the story are caused by the decisions that you make, so you have to ask yourself: am I a good mutant, or a bad mutant?

The Purification Movement (the anti-mutant movement basically) has thugs whose raison d'etre is capturing muties by stunning them with special weapons that in theory provide a humane if instant knock-out so that the mutant can be hauled off and dealt with... Of course just how they are dealt with is a rather open question, but that is not the point -- the point is that despite the city being declared a sanctuary as the attack intensifies you suddenly find yourself facing a band of Purifiers and they want to deal with YOU!

Completing the main story line basically advances the plot and delivers the story to you, whereas taking up the side-quests that you can get from the principal characters on whichever side you end up gravitating towards is your path towards improving your abilities and enhancing them with the application of the X-Genes that you acquire as a side-effect of completing the quests. Pretty basic adventuring structure in other words.

The E3 demo basically consisted of the opening tut-section of the game and some choice encounters, and what we saw was carefully chosen to help us understand the essence of game play, which is largely more of a brawler-type mechanic than a powers-centric romp. What I mean by that is that while you do get to use the mutant powers of the character you choose, those powers are largely applied through the sort of traditional brawler-type battling that bring to mind Ben Grim of the Fantastic Four or perhaps X-Man Colossus more so than Cyclops as examples. The former relied heavily upon their fists and the advantages that their super powers provided, while the latter used their power mostly from a distance...

What this leads to is a very pleasing style of fighting that, even though this really is a super hero game with the X-Men as its focus, also offers the sort of satisfaction found in games like Mortal Kombat, so in that sense we are really getting two genres in one package, and a nice package it is!