Prototype 2 Preview

  • By: Peter Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 14th Jun 2011

Prototype 2

We arrived at the Activison booth on day 1 looking to see Modern Warfare 3 and Prototype 2, and the first thing we saw was Prototype 2. We went to the desk and they showed us to a theater for the hands-off demo -- where first they described the premise of the game.

You are James Heller, a US Marine Sergeant who just arrived back in New York City from a combat tour in the Middle East. Heller returns home to find that Manhattan has been ravaged by the BLACKLIGHT Virus and the virus killed his wife Collete and his daughter Wendy. Heller is devastated, and sees no reason to go on living, so he decides to go on a suicide mission into the heart of the Red Zone (The heavily infected remains of Manhattan) killing hundreds of infected and hoping to eventually get overrun and die in battle.

After getting mortally wounded, the dieing Heller is approached by Alex Mercer (the protagonist of the first game) who is impressed by his venture deep into the Red Zone, Mercer saves Heller's life, infecting him with the BLACKLIGHT Virus. Later however, Heller discovers that Mercer is the cause of the virus outbreak in NYC and therefore, the indirect killer of his family. Now gifted with the powers of the virus, Heller goes on a mission of revenge to find and kill Alex Mercer.

Game Play
After the introduction they showed us a live gameplay demo of one of the missions in the game. Heller is standing on a rooftop looking over an alley way where Blackwatch Soldiers (Elite Biohazard containment troops from the government) are examining a creature created by the virus. The situation gets messy when they decide to open fire on the crowd of onlookers who were a little bit too nosy.

Heller's mission is to "interrogate" one of the scientists to find out what they know about the creature. To clear the area of guards Heller uses a new power called Biobomb, which is an organic explosive placed under the skin of the victim by Heller that, after a short time, release tentacles that pull everything they touch back into the victim, then the victim explodes violently.

Heller grabs one of the guards and infects him with a biobomb and throws him into the area with the guards, it is super effective! Now that the area is clear of guards, Heller grabs one of the scientists and absorbs him to get his memories and thoughts. Heller now has to go and absorb a Blackwatch Captain who is in a tank.

Staying true to the first game, you are still able to preform all of the jumping and flying that goes with being a mutant. Heller leaps from rooftop to rooftop and goes to the area with the tank. The presenter now showcases another new power, Weaponizing, where you can take large weapons, such as rocket pods from tanks or the machine gun of an APC, and use them as hand-held weapons.

When Heller arrives he jumps down onto one of the tanks and consumes the rocket pod, the pod is now attached to Heller's arm and he proceeds to unload rockets into all of the tanks and troops, fun! After all of this carnage, Heller locates the tank the captain is in and absorbs the tank and the captain inside it.

This is where the demo ended sadly, after this the developers started to explain NYZ (New York Zero) and the Green, Yellow and Red Zones. New York Zero is what New York City has become after the outbreak of the virus and has been divided into three zones, all separated by water.

The first zone is the Red Zone, where the virus has hit the city worse. With mutants constantly at war with Blackwatch Soldiers. This is where Alex Mercer lives. Next is the Yellow Zone, which is like a giant shanty town where the infection is not as bad, this is where all of the refugees from the Red Zone live. And, Finally, The Green Zone, where there is a sense of normalcy, despite the disaster. The Green Zone is a safe zone guarded heavily by the US Marines and Blackwatch Soldiers, the virus has little to no presence here.

Observations and Conclusions
Prototype 2 is certain to be one of the more popular games next year, and it would not surprise me if its appeal stretches beyond the typical fan of the survival horror type game because it is really an Action-Adventure game with shooter elements to it, and RPG too.

Despite game play being mostly restricted to the three zones, New York City is a big place, so considering it an open-world game is really not that great a stretch.

The only downside to the game that I could see is the fact that it does not have a multi-player side to it, which would have been very cool.

Prototype 2 is planned for release some time in 2012, and will have versions for Xbox 360, Ps3, and Windows PC.

Official Title: Prototype 2
Developing Studio: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: TBA 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360 / PS3 / Windows PC
Genre: Action-Adventure / Open-World
Ratings: M (for Mature)