One Single Life



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An excellent game played it on the bus and missed my stop check it out at i played this game for maybe 30 minutes over the course of the day its perfect for anyone with brief breaks during work. The origional with its permenent death gave me some real thrills and dispite the 30 minute wait between deaths making it somewhat less permenent that high octane thrill i got is still there. read more

iOS: Apple Approves Perma-death iPhone Game

iOS: Apple Approves Perma-death iPhone Game

14th Apr 2011 - A first for its kind in the retail gaming world, One Single Life is just that; a game where every play could be your last. Literally. If the response from forums is anything to go by, the game looks set to divide opinions on the merits of ‘permadeath’ in games. According to the creator of One Single Life, the game’s design is inten.. Read More.

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