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11th Feb 2014 - Update 8.11 for World of Tanks will be released this week in Europe and Russia. Players from Asia will be able to try out new game mode and battle arenas on February 12, with tank commanders from North America and South Korea getting the update on February 13. Available for machines of all tie.. Read More.

21st Aug 2013 - Games publisher Wargaming has announced that beta servers are now live for its anticipated World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition in North America, Canada and Europe. The three regions will also see the introduction of new US and German tier VII and VIII heavy tanks, bringing even more firepower to t.. Read More.

24th Jul 2013 - The release of Update 8.7 for MMO action game World of Tanks in Europe has been announced. North American and Korean players will get the new version on July 25 and August 1, respectively. Update 8.7 introduces a brand new branch of British self-propelled guns, including the iconic Sexton, Bish.. Read More.

11th Jun 2013 - It has been announced that the popular PC title World of Tanks will be released on the X360 console. Built specifically for the Xbox 360, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition will bring the title’s trademark team-based tactical action and free-to-play accessibility to the tens of millions of Xbox LIV.. Read More.

24th Apr 2013 - The 8.5 Update for World of Tanks free-to-play action MMO will be released on April 24th in Europe, April 25th in Southeast Asia and the United States, and May 7th in South Korea. This newest update further expands the tank rosters for both Germany and the USSR, as well as introduces new premium f.. Read More.

7th Mar 2013 - Fans of the MMO World of Tanks will be pleased to know that global release dates have been announced for Update 8.4. Bringing in ten new hard-hitting tank destroyers from Great Britain, Update 8.4 will be available for all game clusters across the globe: Europe (March 6), North America and Southea.. Read More.

28th Dec 2012 - World of Tanks the free-to-play MMO has officially launched in the Korean market. Following the results of the recent Supertest stage, the game will be available for players with the recently unveiled Update 8.2, introducing a pack of brand new American and British steel machines. World of Tank.. Read More.

29th May 2012 - today announced that its highly acclaimed MMO action game, World of Tanks, will soon be invaded by some of the most powerful and iconic war machines from Great Britain. The new British tech tree joins the ranks of existing armored vehicles, which include lines from America, France, G.. Read More.

23rd May 2012 - announced today Update 7.4 for their distinguished free-to-play MMO World of Tanks introducing a wide range of new gameplay features. The key innovation of the update is the introduction of two new game modes -- Encounter Battle and Assault. The Encounter Battle mode invites two sid.. Read More.

14th May 2012 - KongZhong Corporation, a leading provider of digital entertainment services for consumers in the PRC, today announced that it has entered into a series of agreements with to create a strategic partnership for all of's existing and future games in the mainland China mark.. Read More.

8th May 2012 - announced today that update 7.3 is now available for its highly acclaimed armored warfare MMO World of Tanks. Update 7.3 brings substitutions and additions to the line of Soviet heavy tanks, splitting the line into two branches. Leading the way through the redesigned tech tree, the .. Read More.

7th May 2012 - announced today that the company is entering the Korean online game market in May opening its office in Seoul with Park Chan Guk as the Managing Director. Together with establishing the new entity, is bringing its highly acclaimed armored warfare MMO World of Tanks to .. Read More.

26th Apr 2012 - With over 24 million gamers already playing World of Tanks, the award-winning online game developer and publisher has high expectations for growth in the Asian market, as the company launches the award-winning massively multiplayer online game World of Tanks to players in Southeast A.. Read More.

12th Apr 2012 - is celebrating the first anniversary of its highly acclaimed online action game, World of Tanks, with more than 24 million registered players worldwide. World of Tanks, officially launched on April 12th, 2011, has become one of the fastest growing free-to-play MMO games with servers.. Read More.

30th Mar 2012 - announce today the release of Update 7.2 for its free-to-play action MMO World of Tanks. Along with two new maps, the Italian Province and the American Live Oaks, the latest update enriches the game with a long-awaited branch of U.S. tank destroyers with rotating turrets. It also br.. Read More.

21st Feb 2012 -, publisher and developer, has announced that the first mobile application is now available for their world-famous armored action MMO World of Tanks. World of Tanks Assistant is a new application that provides instant access to the latest and most important information on World of Ta.. Read More.

2nd Feb 2012 - Publisher and developer announced today that Update 7.2 for their free-to-play MMO World of Tanks will introduce a wide range of new gameplay features. The update introduces two new maps -- Live Oaks, the first map with a North American setting, and Campania, which depicts tradition.. Read More.

5th Jan 2012 - confirmed today that the long-anticipated line of French tanks available in the all-new Update 7.1 for its free-to-play action MMO World of Tanks are rolling. French vehicles will invade World of Tanks in two steps, and their first line available as of today features light, medium, .. Read More.

20th Dec 2011 - Update 7.0 Released, 7.1 on the Way announced today the release of the highly anticipated Update 7.0 for their free-to-play action MMO World of Tanks. The update has been highly anticipated for its numerous camouflage additions, new maps -- including Fjords and Swamp -- and new .. Read More.

3rd Dec 2011 - announces that World of Tanks exclusive box edition is now available in the UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and France. World of Tanks retail version from and its partner Deep Silver available for EUR 9.99 comes with EUR 20 worth of bonus cont.. Read More.

25th Nov 2011 - The traditional role of digital distribution is to get a game client into the hands -- and onto the computers -- of gamers as quickly as possible, and at low to no cost, this being an approach that is well-suited to games that have embraced the classic Free-2-Play model that has increasingly becom.. Read More.

22nd Nov 2011 - Developing studio has released an impressive new video trailer (actually every trailer they have ever released has been impressive because hey, they have Tanks!) to celebrate the launch of World of Tanks Update 7.0 -- a major and seriously massive update that harkens sweeping changes.. Read More.

10th Nov 2011 - announced today the launch of a brand new website for their world-famous action MMO World of Tanks. The new website -- available at (Europe) and (North America) -- will become a global platform combining a vast community section, comprehensiv.. Read More.

4th Nov 2011 - The United Nations couldn't do it and they have had over 60-years to try, but it seems that only needed a weekend! OK, that was a funny, but seriously, has announced their intentions to represent at BEXCO in Busan, Korea -- the largest game show in Asia which is runnin.. Read More.

2nd Nov 2011 - The publisher of the world's only armor-centric MMO World of Tanks - -- has announces Update 7.0 for their free-to-play MMO that will introduce a wide range of new gameplay features. Along with unveiling two new maps, Fjords and Swamp, Update 7.0 features the long-anticipated camouf.. Read More.

27th Oct 2011 - If you are fortunate enough to be attending Game Week in Milan and you still have not discovered World of Tanks (woot!) you will want to head over to Booth #B6 where will be presenting its critically acclaimed MMO World of Tanks to the Italian public. Visitors to their booth will ge.. Read More.

25th Aug 2011 - To be filed in the "I'm glad I don't work for's PR Department,", the award-winning videogame publisher and developer, is attending Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle, Washington from August 26 - 28th 2011. In case you are curious, they have hit every major gaming event.. Read More.

19th Aug 2011 - Interactive Gaming Software has announced that the boxed retail version of highly popular free-to-play MMO game World of Tanks will be available on sale at all major retail chains and independents as of August 31, 2011. The online version of World of Tanks, created and managed by, .. Read More.

11th Aug 2011 - We just received word from that their headlining project -- World of Tanks -- has celebrated its 1-year anniversary and, putting the topping on the cake, has reached a tremendous milestone of 5,000,000 registered users worldwide! Over the past year what began as a Free-2-Play Inter.. Read More.

11th Aug 2011 - The latest update for World of Tanks -- Version 6.6 -- is out, and the update contains a new map and some new tanks along with a few minor fixes to the overall playability of the game, so hey, cool! They have added the new map -- the Siegfried Line -- along with new German tanks that include the.. Read More.

29th Jun 2011 - The official release date for Update 6.5 of the Action-MMO World of Tanks has been set for June 30th. Along with two new maps -- Redshire that depicts a traditional British settlement, and Arctic Region, the very first purely winter location -- the update will feature the highly-anticipated Amer.. Read More.

28th Jun 2011 - You cannot be a massive multi-player war gamer and not know about World of Tanks -- a game that has been building huge momentum in Russia and in Europe over the past year, and showed up at E3 this year with the expected camo-clad booth babes but also with a collection of Real Freaking Tanks! Yeah.. Read More.

17th Jun 2011 - In spite of the often over-the-top elements of the game exhibits and presentations at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), you just don't expect a developer and publisher to show up with their own tanks for the big show -- even for a game whose focus is tanks! But the blokes from World .. Read More.

11th Jun 2011 - World of Warplanes in Development (, the publisher and developer behind the world-famous franchises World of Tanks, Massive Assault, and Order of War, chose the height of E3 to announces their newest franchise -- World of Warplanes. Based upon military air d.. Read More.

24th May 2011 - The number of registrations on the Russian server of their highly acclaimed World of Tanks MMO has topped 2,000,000, and the success in Russia is being followed by the European and North American servers, where the numbers are closing in on 1,000,000 registrations after the game's release on April.. Read More.

24th Mar 2011 - Pre-orders are now open for the highly anticipated free-to-play MMO action game World of Tanks. Players can select from one-of-three exclusive pre-order packages: Heavy, Medium and Light. Players purchasing the World of Tanks pre-order package till April 12, will gain access to gold available for .. Read More.

17th Mar 2011 - All you tank fans - And we know you are out there in your droves playing this one in Beta - will be pleased to hear that registration for Clan Wars has been officially opened for both servers. From now on, World of Tanks players can form and register their clans at: Read More.

1st Mar 2011 - The fourth in the series of tutorials for the popular online tank game, World of Tanks has been released today by This video deals with the various game modes. Read More.

22nd Feb 2011 - The third in the series of tutorial videos for the game, World of Tanks has today been released by This chapter sets out how you can progress through the game and how to gain credits and experience to upgrade your tank. Check it out below: Read More.

7th Sep 2010 - have announced the release of a new gameplay trailer for its highly-anticipated massively multiplayer online game World of Tanks that has recently entered its closed beta phase #2. The trailer demonstrates the game’s most powerful fighting vehicles - heavy tanks - showcasing their .. Read More.