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10th Aug 2012 - Regular readers of the GU news stream will be familiar with the self-proclaimed "Hindu Statesman" and activist Rajan Zed, a man who while he has no official ties to any of the formal Hindu sects and has never held a diplomatic post according to the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC, has been waging.. Read More.

16th Jul 2012 - Over the course of the past two months a self-styled Nevada (USA) based Hindu activist named Rajan Zed -- speaking in his official role as the director of the Universal Society of Hinduism, a small Reno, Nevada based Hindu rights organization that is run by Zed and his son -- has issued a flurry o.. Read More.

13th Jul 2012 - File this under "Take with a grain of salt..." According to the most recent press release from the very vocal Hindu Rights unofficial spokesman Rajan Zed, who has elevated attention and promotion of the upcoming bash-and-cast battle game SMITE with more success than any ten PR firms could manage.. Read More.

2nd Jul 2012 - Today a third press release in the ongoing brilliant campaign to promote the upcoming video game SMITE was released by self-styled Hindu Statesman Rajan Zed of Nevada (USA), declaring that he has obtained the support of the presumably large Jewish and Buddhist populations of the state of Nevada in.. Read More.

28th Jun 2012 - This may be a case for remembering the old saying: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me... According to a press release issued by self-styled Hindu Statesman Rajan Zed, Hindus are angry at the use of deities from their religion in the upcoming free-to-play game SMITE, from Hi-Re.. Read More.