Prototype 2 News

30th May 2012 - Activision Publishing have released Prototype 2's second DLC pack, Excessive Force. This new DLC pack gives fans key add-ons to their arsenal of destruction as well as three all-new custom skins. The full contents of Prototype 2's Excessive Force DLC pack includes: * Viral Infector Grenade Lau.. Read More.

10th May 2012 - In the run up to the release of Prototype 2, we saw how it would toy with our emotional heartstrings , witnessed the weapon-based destruction that would unfold under our command and watched Prototype 2's protagonist wreak absolute havoc on the city of New York in the Tank Mayhem trailer . It's be.. Read More.

18th Apr 2012 - Little is known about the protagonist of Prototype 2, James Heller. We know that he is a former marine, we know that he is infected with the same virus that plagued Alex Mercer in the first Prototype game and we know that he is (or rather, was ) a family man. This new Prototype 2 live action trai.. Read More.

11th Apr 2012 - Fans of shooting everything in sight, obliterating enemies and destroying game worlds should enjoy this latest trailer from Prototype 2 which shows off the game's wide range of heavy duty firepower. Main guy, James Heller, sure knows how to handle a gun, witnessed here offloading bullets into jus.. Read More.

4th Apr 2012 - Two things you should know about the protagonist of Prototype 2, James Heller 1. He's not an evil guy, he just does some 'questionable' things. 2. He can and will use all of the tools in his arsenal to destroy you if you pose a threa ; be it slicing you up with the long fleshy blades that he cal.. Read More.

13th Oct 2011 - Activision have confirmed that Radical Entertainment will be giving vistiors to this year's New York Comic Con the opportunity to try Prototype 2 out for the first time with a hands-on demo. In addition to giving fans a first taste of what Prototype 2's new shape-shifting protagonist Sgt. James H.. Read More.

10th Aug 2011 - Activision and GameStop are giving gamers that pre-order a unique chance to become an in-game citizen in Radical Entertainment's forthcoming sequel, Prototype 2. This promotion is valid for U.S. and Canadian players, 18 and older, who pre-order Prototype 2 at GameStop between now and Sept. 1, 201.. Read More.

14th Dec 2010 - Activision Publishing have confirmed today that Prototype 2 is currently in development for release sometime in 2012. Prototype 2's first official trailer was revealed as a world premiere during this past weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 show, where fans of the shape-shifting open-world .. Read More.