Final Fantasy XIV News

9th Apr 2012 - Fans of Final Fantasy XIV -- and the large community of disappointed gamers who very badly want to be -- have received some good news as Square Enix announced in its monthly newsletter that the newest MMO based on and part of the Final Fantasy series would be getting FFXI-style jobs. Back in 200.. Read More.

22nd Dec 2011 - Fantasy MMO Publisher Square Enix today announced the arrival of Patch 1.20 for its beleaguered Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 1.20 unveils a tremendous amount of anticipated changes, additions, and extras in the sequel to the incredibly popular (and stil.. Read More.

19th Dec 2011 - Square Enix, publisher and host of the Final Fantasy MMO's FFXI and FFXIV issued a warning to all of their subscribers this weekend notifying them that the company detected a limited server intrusion on December 12th, 2011, and temporarily suspended the US/JP editions of the Square Enix Members se.. Read More.

6th Dec 2011 - Game publisher Square Enix sent an email notice to all of the gamers who have played or continue to play its troubled MMORPG sequel to the hit MMO Final Fantasy XI -- Final Fantasy XIV -- that the free play times are over beginning on January 6th, 2012. The email begins by thanking the players wh.. Read More.

18th Oct 2011 - History may well show that FFXIV ends up being both an example on how not to develop an MMO, and how to recover from a bad launch of an MMO all in the same breath, but the newest patch for the troubled game includes some familiar and much loved features from previous games! When things went sidew.. Read More.

3rd Jan 2011 - It is a rare thing for a game developer to turn to the players for help when everything has gone wrong and the direction of a project is in question, but that is precisely what Square Enix has done. In an open letter emailed to every registered player for the online MMORPG, Naoki Yoshida, Produ.. Read More.

10th Dec 2010 - The developers of the highly anticipated disappointment known as Final Fantasy XIV are now out of work as Square Enix Ninjas step in to make right what has clearly turned into very wrong -- and a significant number of developers failed to make their Dexterity Roll, and are now looking for work! I.. Read More.

21st Nov 2010 - Square Enix has announced a major update to its recently launched MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, that includes player-requested content, an extension of the free trial play period, and interface love in the form of full keyboard mapping options. The indirect sequel to Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), XIV is .. Read More.

12th Sep 2010 - When a new MMO gets released – especially one that already had a very loyal fan-base to begin with – it is understandable if a significant percentage of players call in sick to work for launch day (launch week in some cases), so that they can enjoy large uninterrupted blocks of play and get a he.. Read More.