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7th Mar 2012 - Whether this is good news or bad news depends on how much you like Farmville we suppose, but this week marks the public launch of yet another farming location for fans of the Facebook social game Farmville, as FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise moves to free access (the first week was made available to.. Read More.

28th Sep 2011 - The most recent wave of bannings in the Zynga games Farmville and Mafia Wars has come to light as users complain on chat boards that their accounts have been frozen or banned outright today. The source of the bannings? Automation programs that play Farmville for the user. A proliferation of "bo.. Read More.

12th May 2011 - I bet you thought that the only thing happening on May 17th was the release of L.A. Noire, right? Wrong! On May 17th Farmville is going Gaga... Like, literally! No, not really -- and we are sure that this is a major disappointment for her fans who play Farmville -- but the game is not going to .. Read More.

10th Feb 2011 - Facebook's very successful farming simulator game Farmville launched the second stage of its Valentines Day Celebration -- the Valentines Countdown -- today, requiring players to check in once each day for 12 days to claim the daily item, with a mystery prize at the end of that trail. The first .. Read More.