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4th Sep 2013 - It has been announced that Sons of Trigon, the eighth downloadable content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online (DCUO), is now available for download on the PC and PlayStation 3. With this next chapter, players must battle alongside Wonder Woman or her adversary, Circe, through a hellish Gotha.. Read More.

17th May 2012 - Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has revealed the voice cast behind the characters in DC Universe Online's latest DLC pack -- The Last Laugh. The DLC pack features returning voices of some of the biggest stars of DC Universe, including voiceover veterans Mark Hamill (The Joker), Adam Baldwin (Super.. Read More.

13th Jan 2012 - Every hero (and villain) needs a finely-tuned arsenal to succeed, and now DC Universe Online has just the right system! All DCUO players now have access to the all-new Research & Development (R&D) system. This new system allows players to create new and powerful items. Research & Development brin.. Read More.

8th Dec 2011 - Sony have announced that the second downloadable content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online, Lightning Strikes, is now available. Featuring the scarlet speedster, The Flash, and the introduction of the game's eighth power set, Electricity Powers, the new DLC pack is available for download on both t.. Read More.

17th Nov 2011 - Sony Online Entertainment will soon launch its second Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online with the worldwide release of Lightning Strikes, later this year. Launching simultaneously on the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, Lightning Strikes introduces Electricity Powers --- the gam.. Read More.

16th Nov 2011 - The battle in the Arctic rages on as Sony Online Entertainment releases the third and final chapter of the DC Universe Online (DCUO) Fortress of Solitude raid series. At the end of Game Update 5: The Fate of the Fortress, players had defeated Brainiac’s invasion only to be betrayed by their form.. Read More.

11th Nov 2011 - With so many great MMO games out there vying for gamer play time it is often necessary to make strategic decisions in order to increase the attractiveness of a game -- the folks behind DC Universe Online realized that, and understood that making the transition from paid play to Free-2-Play would e.. Read More.

6th Apr 2011 - There has been a new content update for the MMO game, DC Univers Only. Entitled Heads or Tales, the update features Gotham City District Attorney turned crime boss Harvey Dent/Two Face, and delivers new game play content suited for players of all levels and criminal persuasions including new missi.. Read More.

12th Jan 2011 - The world is fantastic, the graphics are good, you only experience slowdowns when their is a ridiculous amount of activity happening on screen -- there has been an improvement in the video display between the Beta and the finished game, and clearly Sony understands what the player wants from their.. Read More.