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27th Mar 2012 - We've just heard word of a limited time offer for all our MMORTS Gamers. Reverie World Studios has cut by hlaf the sales price of PC game, Dawn of Fantasy. At the moment, and for a limited time onliy, you can download the game directly from the developers' website ( http://store.reverieworld.com/.. Read More.

23rd Jan 2012 - Reverie World Studios have teamed up with Massively to offer limited numbers of their new MMORTS title Dawn of Fantasy absolutely free (a $29.99 value). You can grab your free copy of the game here now ... Set in the persistent world of Mythador, Dawn of Fantasy offers you the chance to write y.. Read More.

3rd Jan 2012 - To reign in an exciting new year, Reverie World Studios will be extending its holiday sale on its recently released subscription-free MMORTS, Dawn of Fantasy. From now until January 8, players will be able to pick up a digital copy of Dawn of Fantasy from the official website at the reduced cost o.. Read More.

20th Sep 2011 - It seems that the latest Dawn of Fantasy beta patch added more than simply bug fixes and tweaks -- there is also early access to the game's esteemed Scenario Design Editor to be found in it! The Dawn of Fantasy editor is a powerful tool that will ship with the game on September 30th, allowing ga.. Read More.

12th Sep 2011 - At first blush the news that publisher 505 Games has released a fan site kit today which contains everything followers of the game will need to create their own DoF-themed site was a bit of a surprise, but the more we think upon it the more sense it makes. The world of gaming -- and being a game.. Read More.

11th Aug 2011 - Prior to the launch of Dawn of Fantasy this September, Reverie World Studios and 505 Games are extending an invitation to all MMO-RTS fans to register now for the game's Open Beta, in which players can build up a mighty stronghold, engage in three quest-based campaigns as Elves, Orcs, or Men, and .. Read More.

11th Jul 2011 - Of Dawn of Fantasy's many game modes, the Online Kingdom will probably be the most familiar. Taking control of a hero from one of the three races, you must pursue an epic storyline of betrayal, blood and resource-management in the aftermath of a mighty war. With three different campaigns, nine sta.. Read More.

18th May 2011 - In Dawn of Fantasy's second developer diary, Assistant Producer and Lead Writer Gordon Farrell is back to guide viewers through another game mode -- this time with the help of Arielle Parkas, Assistant Voice-Over Director and Voice Actor for several elven characters. The captivating duo takes play.. Read More.

13th May 2011 - In Dawn of Fantasy's rich MMO universe, three races are dominant: the race of Men, the Orcs and the Elves. However, this is no simplistic copy of classical fantasy; all these races have spread around the world for generations and the tribes have adapted to their locales. Nor are these the only peo.. Read More.

21st Apr 2011 - Shooters are fun, platforming is the bomb, and don't even get me started on JRPG action gaming because I cannot count the number of weekends that got sucked away playing those! Still, when the news is about an MMO-RTS here comes undivided attention -- because this newest manifestation in the MMO .. Read More.

19th Jan 2011 - According to the blokes over at 505 Games, they plan to publish a new massively multi-player online real time strategy (MMORTS) title called Dawn of Fantasy with a target launch date of 3 June 2011. The MMORTS is being created by developer Reverie World Studios, and is set in the massively mul.. Read More.