Road Construction Simulator set for March 11 Release

Road Construction Simulator set for March 11 Release

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 21st Feb 2011

Sine Mora

Also for this game:

Every time we pass a road construction site we have to slow down because a large bunch of blokes are using heavy equipment to do road-like things to the road... Now, I don't know about you but whenever I see one of the really big and really complicated machines that has made me late for yet another staff meeting, I think to myself: "Who, self! Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to drive that thing every day and get paid for it?" That's when the trouble starts mind you...

"Well yeah, for like a few days," I answer myself. "But the first time it rained or snowed you'd be tired of that instantly mate!"

"I would not!" I insist.

"What about that time we went camping and it started to rain and the noise of the rain on the tent..."

"OK OK shut up!"

Where was I? Oh yeah!

These blokes who fix and build the roads are the unsung heroes that keep the world's traffic flowing -- I've heard that they call each other "boys and girls of the black stuff" when they are in a good mood -- but I also here they call each other you Fu... Umm... Other things but hey, you work all year round, through all weathers to repair and construct the road network you are going to have some bad days every so often, right?

Well I think we have established that we really don't want to work on a road crew, you know, for real... So wouldn't it be great if someone created a Sim of it? Well they did! And here is your chance to put on your hard hat and head for the highways and country lanes, repairing the roads and constructing huge motorways! The game is created to put your engineering skills to the test in its ultra-realistic simulation, how cool is that?

Lay out the traffic cones and punch through the concrete with your pneumatic drill as your new roadway starts to take shape. All of the tools of the trade are at your disposal including an asphalt planer, steamroller, marking machine and the whole gamut of machinery required to transform a building site into a super smooth motorway.

As your skills grow you will be able to embark on a range of diverse missions. Country roads, pothole repairs, lane widening and motorway construction are all in a day's work for the hard hat highway heroes!

All of the equipment has been painstakingly recreated in full 3D to provide the ultimate in accuracy, complete with detailed cabs and sound effects -- back-up alarm anyone? From the initial excavation to the satisfying conclusion of laying the black stuff -- the smooth layer of tarmac that signals a job well done -- it promises an engineering experience so authentic you can almost smell the bitumen! (for you Yanks, that would be asphalt)

Road Constructor Simulator blazes a trail on March 11th 2011, with the release on PC-CDROM for £24.99 (around $40 US). Follow the path to for pre-orders and further information.