Pockie Ninja's Outfit System Detailed

Pockie Ninja's Outfit System Detailed

  • By: Rich
  • Posted 18th Feb 2011

Pockie Ninja

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If you thought Ninja's only wore black suits, thing again, NGames have just revealed the hundreds of different outfits players can get their hands on in their upcoming browser-based MMO Brawler, each coming with special gameplay bonuses.

As well as looking unique, each outfit gives your ninja character different bonuses and stats in the game, and will aid you in battle in different ways, for example new attributes, special skills, and weapons.

In the game. there are three schools of ninja, each with their own distinct fighting styles. Outfits allow you to change your class, or school of ninja, depending on their attributes.

The Fighting Ninja is tough and strong, while the Dark Ninja uses swift movements for lighting fast assassinations. The Secret Ninja, however, uses the secret ninjutsu techniques they have mastered over the years.

There are three ways of getting your hands on a new outfit for your ninja. The first is by using the Lucky Draw in the arena to smash open glasses, which may contain a brand new character outfit with different attributes and grades.

The second way is to use the extensive item synthesising function. By placing an outfit in the main item slot, there is a chance that you will come out with a newly synthesised outfit. By synthesising outfits you can even upgrade them so their attributes raise when you level up!

Finally you can head to the bustling market and find an outfit for sale – the good old fashioned way!

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