Dynasty Warriors 7 New artwork and screens

Dynasty Warriors 7 New artwork and screens

  • By: Rich
  • Posted 8th Feb 2011

Dynasty Warriors 7

Also for this game:

Tecmo Koei have today released another huge batch of screenshots for Dynasty Warriors 7.

As well as the screens there were also three pieces of character art and bios which are shown below.

Sun Quan (Affiliation: Wu) "Heroic Young Tiger"
Second son of Sun Jian and younger brother to Sun Ce. Though praised by his older brother for his skills in governance, he lacked confidence in his physical abilities and decision making. However, with experience, he grows into a brilliant leader.

Lian Shi (Affiliation: Wu) "Beautiful Guardian"
An attendant of Sun Shang Xiang. She was the daughter of Bu Zhi, scion of a once powerful family. She was chosen for her martial arts skills to be guard and companion to the young Sun Shang Xiang.

Lu Bu (Affiliation: Other) "The Fiend of War"
A master of the military arts and particularly skilled in mounted archery. His exceptional skill earns him praise as a warrior among warriors, just as Red Hare is praised as a horse among horses. Lu Bu is a firm believer in the right of might and tends to ignore social niceties.