Kung-Fu LIVE two cool new player movies, discount for PlayStation Plus users

Kung-Fu LIVE two cool new player movies, discount for PlayStation Plus users

  • By: Rich
  • Posted 2nd Feb 2011

Kung-Fu LIVE

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The one-of-a-kind PlayStation Eye based beat-em-up which is available for download from PlayStation Network, is now available at a discount of 20% to all PlayStation Plus users worldwide, that would be... $11.99 in the US, and just €11.25 / £8.99 in Europe.

The Virtual Air Guitar Company have been requesting player videos since the launch of the game, and they have zoomed in on two of the most impressive Kung-Fu LIVE players to date. In one video, 'Kjer', a known extreme martial artist and YouTube sensation, maximizes his playing space in his apartment to push himself, and the game, to all new heights. You can see him in action in the video below:

In the another video, 'Vellu', a Finnish high-flying martial arts tricking guru, demonstrates his skills in the game in an open training facility, and that one is down here...

Each video shows off some of the spectacular moves that martial artists can perform for an added twist in this true, high impact, full-body motion gaming experience that’s unlike anything else. The team at Virtual Air Guitar Company have actually worked together with martial arts experts throughout the development of the game.

“The launch of the game this holiday has resulted in an avalanche of videos from around the globe, most of them funny and some of them quite incredible,” said Teemu Maki-Patola, CEO of Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd. “Seeing people spin, flip, and almost literally fly around their living rooms and playing spaces is an incredible sight. We urge all gamers to play safely and know their own limits, but we also urge them to have a look at how some professional-level players with proper training, patience, discipline, and adequate playing space can boot up our game and kick ass in ways we had never before thought possible.”

Players interested in sharing their videos with Virtual Air Guitar Company are encouraged to email their YouTube videos to kungfuvideo@virtualairguitar.com to be considered for placement among the top ranking Kung-Fu LIVE martial-artists in the world.

A select few could even be rewarded with Kung-Fu LIVE gear, including rare bandanas and signed photographs of international video game celebrity and Kung-Fu LIVE mascot 'Sensei Oskari' himself. In addition to the latest trailers and off-the-wall tutorial videos, Kung-Fu LIVE’s YouTube page will feature these players from around the world showing off their best, worst, most bizarre, insane, ridiculous, and COMPLETELY crazy fighting styles.