DC Universe Fixes Login Issues

DC Universe Fixes Login Issues

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 21st Jan 2011

DC UniverseOnline

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The disconnect issues that have been plaguing players of Sony's new MMO, DC Universe Online, appear to now be a thing of the past.

While no official official announcement has appeared on the service, players report that beginning with the a recent patch in the past few days the problems have disappeared, and they are no longer experiencing the dropped connections upon login.

Recent changes to the game login system have corrected the connection stability issues for most gamers, but an SOE spokesperson commenting on the issue online says that gamers still experiencing the issue should check their ethernet drivers and their firewall as the likely culprit.

"If you are still being disconnected (after the fix) when you are logging in, the cause can very likely be traced to one of two issues: your Ethernet driver or your firewall. Your best approach is to be certain that you are using the most recent version of the drivers for your Ethernet first, and if that does not fix the problem, ensure that Windows Firewall is disabled, and any hardware firewall (such as those built into most popular routers) have an exception in their configuration for the game."

The spokesperson recommends that you take the following steps when configuring your system and network for game play:

* Add DC Universe Online and the Launch Pad to your firewall exceptions list.

* Verify that your antivirus is not blocking the executable.

* Upgrade your system to the most recent version of Direct X.

* Ensure that you have enable Java and Active X controls in your browser as these are required to run the Launcher properly in order to start the game.

* Verify that you have the most recent version of Flash Installed.

Completing the above steps should correct any remaining disconnect issues for the game, and also correct instances of slow patching and lag-related clipping that is also a widely reported issue.

DC Universe Online is SOE's new MMO set in the world of DC Comics, where gamers play as super heroes -- or super villains -- and complete quests and missions while working towards a peaceful resolution to a common threat.

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