Blaze's New PS3 Move Gun

  • By: Rich
  • Posted 20th Jan 2011

Sine Mora

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Blaze have today announced a fun new accessory for all PS3 move gunslingers.

The Blaze PS3 Move gun attachment is designed to securely house the PS3 Move wand, to form the barrel of a highly accurate gaming weapon. The firing mechanism activates the PS3 Move controllers trigger (T) button with the true precision and feel needed to put you in the game and lose yourself in the guts and glory!

Every action button on the PS3 Move controller can still be speedily accessed via the control window on the top of the Blaze PS3 Move gun, allowing you to select and navigate through the game as easily as you did before, but with a sturdy, reassuring pistol grip.

Setting up the gun is straightforward, you just slip in your move controller into the barrel housing and away you go.

"The PS3 Move is the perfect platform for shooting games. Our new PS3 Move gun will bring together the highly accurate position sensing technology of the PS3 Move, with the action, look and feel of a futuristic gun, making for a very realistic gaming experience." says Jason Cooper, Chairman of Blaze Europe.

The BLAZE PS3 Move gun will be available at the end of February 2011 from and all leading video game stores, for just £9.99