Primeval Video Game in the Works?

Primeval Video Game in the Works?

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 18th Jan 2011

Sine Mora

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Primeval Game in the works? Rumor has it...

Season 4 of the BBS hit TV series Primeval is now making its way on to the BBC America channel, and the Yanks love it. Conner and Abby return, a new hand is ruling the ARC, and rumors of a series-based video game have surfaced!

If the boards are any indication, character Connor Temple is the preferred British BFF for most blokes over on this side of the pond, while Abby scores pretty high on the like meter for different reasons that I am certain you can factor on your own, right?

Back in 2007 when SEGA took out legal papers on the game name "Primeval Hunt" it was speculated that it was going to be a game related to the BBC series -- but as it turns out, not so much. Fans of the series had a brief period of anticipatory glee followed by disappointment, but the glee may be back as rumors circulate about a series based game.

The source of the rumors? A certain mammoth video game company is looking for English-speaking voice talent (as in the Queen's English mate, not the other kind) for a game project in pre-production, and a certain Andrew-Lee Potts has been seen on the California campus of said massive video game company, though that by itself is not a smoking gun.

Sadly Gaming Update has been unable to verify the rumor, or find any filings for a game name connected to the Primeval brand in the TESS system, so this one is a wait and see.