Games for Windows Live Best of 2010 Sale

Games for Windows Live Best of 2010 Sale

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 8th Jan 2011


Also for this game:

Deep discounts can be had as the blokes over at Games for Windows Live declare their Top 10 Games of 2010 -- and put them all on sale.

The Live Service is the sister of XBox Live, and the games purchased from the service share the Achievements System so popular with console gamers. For a limited time gamers can score copies of any games on the list that they have not had the chance to play, including:

* Age of Empires III Complete Collection ($19.99)
* Batman: Arkham Asylum GotYE ($14.99)
* BioShock 2 ($9.99)
* Blacklight: Tango Down ($7.49)
* Borderlands ($9.99)
* Football Manager 2011 ($29.99)
* GTA4: Episodes from Liberty City ($14.99)
* Osmos ($4.99)
* Section 8 ($9.99)
* Zuma's Revenge ($9.99)

Fair warning mate, you can only buy these at the discount from 5:00 PM (GMT), 1/6/2011 - 4:30 PM (GMT), 1/13/2011 so you may want to pop on over and grab the ones you want, right?