New Wii Pokemon Game in the Works

New Wii Pokemon Game in the Works

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 7th Jan 2011

Pokemon Battle Revolution

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First the word was that Nintendo was back -- after a 16 year absence it was headlining the show! Then a correction, Nintendo was back... But not so much.

No headlining involved, and no booth with the latest and greatest 3DS and Wii lines, rather the company would be present to hold meetings, not exhibit.

The Greatest Show on Earth

CES spreads across a large swath of Las Vegas, with the primary show being located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a huge complex of halls in which entire football fields could easily be stored, with room left over for a few parking lots, the food service area, seating, and a recreation facility for the players all under one roof. It is big in other words.

First impressions of the halls reveal a series of well-divided avenues with booths in between that showcase the products that the exhibitors will bring us over the coming year, but a closer examination, as you head deeper into the halls, reveals a second and more subdued area that is more like an entire floor of an office building plopped down in a corner of the hall, concealed by the flashy exhibitors booths until you are right on top of it.

It is easy then to understand how some attendees would stop and look around with concern upon wandering into this area, thinking that they somehow managed to leave the show floor and enter the administrative area of the facility. After all, it is all blank gray walls broken up by doors every twenty feet or so that are equipped with crypto locks requiring you to punch in a numerical code to gain entrance.

These are not administrative offices, they are meeting rooms reserved by companies and entities that are intended for giving presentations in a calmer, quieter atmosphere. Further into the hall are larger more permanent spaces that serve the same function, and that was where we first discovered the distinctive logo for Nintendo.

While we were skulking around the corner we spotted Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime passing with his crew and decided to follow, and we ended up at the CNET broadcast booth, where a pristine spanking new Nintendo 3DS was handed over to online Associate Editor Jeff Bakalar, who presented the device to the world via CNET in a live video broadcast!

The rumor that Nintendo would not present the 3DS to the show turned out to be only partially true, they just did so by proxy. Thinking that we saw all that there was to see, we wandered off down the nearest avenue, turned a few corners, and found ourselves confronted by a large bright white booth wall screaming "Nintendo!" As we approached it soon became clear that there was a lot more to this "unofficial" presence than we had thought.

Though the booth appeared to belong to Nintendo, it was actually staffed by an exhibitor that made licensed products for the DS and Wii lines, with a focus upon hard and soft cases for the DS and DSi/DSi XL, as well as travel bags and cases for the Wii, in addition to other game-based items. A four-foot tall Hello Kitty greeted us as we entered the booth, and the variety of merchandise available was so complete that the only thing missing was the actual Nintendo game consoles... So much for there being no Nintendo presence at the show!

As we toured the booth we spent a few minutes talking to a very knowledgeable rep who quickly explained why there was no Pokemon merch on display -- they did not have the license for that -- but who knew quite a bit about the Pokemon series of video games, including the upcoming Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Just when the conversation was approaching its anticipated end, and we were preparing to head for the next booth, he mentioned something we had not heard about.

"What I want to know is will the Wii title that they are making that is similar to Gales of Darkness have full connectivity with Black and White?" he asked.

"What Wii title?" we replied. "This is the first we are hearing about that?"

The game is apparently in the works, though it has not been officially announced by Nintendo, and is supposed to be a cross between Gales of Darkness and Battle Revolution, with a single player story line as well as a Colosseum-like side. According to this Pokefan, the game is not Wiiware, but rather a full commercial title. We will keep you informed as more news is available!