Dragon Slayer Quest Announced

Dragon Slayer Quest Announced

  • By: Sanzano
  • Posted 20th Jan 2014

Dragon Slayer Quest

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Dragon Slayer Quest, an action-packed slashing style game of might and magic has been annonced. In Dragon Slayer Quest you are a knight trying to slay dragons to save the princess by slashing the flying dragons as you try and get a high score. Try and slice as many dragons as possible without hitting a flying princess. During the battle when you see a spell scroll you touch it to cast the spell.


* Slash 5 different dragons

* Slashing and spell attacks

* Lightning Bolt scroll kills all dragons on the screen

* Freeze scroll freezes all dragons on the screen

* Hourglass scroll slows down the generation of dragons and princesses

* Easy to play hard to master

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