Tank Riders 2 Released

  • By: Sanzano
  • Posted 16th Jan 2014

Tank Rider

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Tank Riders 2 is now available free of charge from iTunes App Store and Google Play.

The hills are alive with the sound of mortars! Enemy forces are swarming across our borders, and their nefarious fleet of tanks is everywhere. You canÂ’t so much as kick a rock without a 120mm muzzle poking out at you from underneath. Time to mount up, buckle down and grease your guns, as the 153rd Tiny Tank battalion faces its toughest challenge yet!

Fight your way through 50 challenging levels (with many more on the way) filled with swarms of miniature kamikaze tanks, lethal laser turrets, mortars, missiles and giant, hulking bosses in this action-packed, top-down tank battle shooter.

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