Super Mega Bob Released

  • By: Sanzano
  • Posted 15th Jan 2014

Super Mega Bob

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Super Mega Bob Beta 0.1 has been released and features 16-bit graphics, 8 unique enemy types, over two-dozen upgrades, and one boss battle.

Super Mega Bob is an indie retro 2D shooter influenced by a childhood of gaming classics like Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Adventures of Lolo, Kirby, and Jetpack. The game also sports modern gaming concepts from titles like The Binding of Isaac and Diablo III. Here are some highlights of what you'll see in the Beta:

* Rendered in beautiful 16-bit style artwork, the game features gorgeous lighting and a day/night cycle that keeps the gameplay fresh and colorful.

* 2D shooting the way it should be: loads of baddies in each level which show absolutely no mercy. This is old-school as it should be. . . HARD.

* A balanced upgrade system that keeps gameplay fresh and relaxing while still remaining just as challenging.

* 12 game levels, 8 unique enemy types, 30 upgrades, and one awesome boss battle.

* Solid sound effects and music that add that final 'mesh' factor to the game.

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