Blood Knights Released on Playstation Network

Blood Knights Released on Playstation Network

  • By: Sanzano
  • Posted 20th Nov 2013

Blood Knights

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Hack ‘n’ Slash Action RPG Black Knights is now available to purchase on the PlayStation Network. Bravely fight the enemy alone, or enlist the help of a friend to battle beside you in epic Co-op multiplayer.

Blood Knights is available to download now for £11.99/€14.99/$14.99. The game is also available via the Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and as a digital download for PC. A boxed retail version will also be released the 29th of November.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, Blood Knights features quick, deadly combat, smart team-work and ferocious cooperative monster slaying. View the brand new ‘Co-op’ gameplay trailer now for a look at how you and a friend can take on the monstrous horde together in fast-paced and raucous co-operative combat.

Blood Knights is a hack ‘n slash action - RPG, where the age-old war between humans and vampires is out-of-control and threatens to plunge the world into the abyss. The game combines spectacular combat with RPG elements in single-player or co-op mode. Blood Knights is developed by Deck 13 interactive, who have made a name for themselves with such titles as 'Venetica', 'Jack Keane' and 'Ankh'. Set in a mystical version of the Middle Ages, Blood Knights is an exciting story about the Knights Templar and a legendary Vampire Hunter who finds himself bound by blood to the powerful vampire Alysa during a daring mission. The two must work together to break the blood spell and defeat the hordes of evil creatures who stand between them and their goal.

Features of Blood Knights

* Equip yourself with 160 close and ranged weapons and 40 different armour elements to slay monstrous foes.

* Quickly swap between two playable characters with differing skillsets, or take on the horde with a friend in thrilling Co-op.

* Suck the blood of your enemies in order to power up and unleash devastating vampire powers.

* Interact with the environment using your attract and repel skills and enhance your abilities with XP gained through fast and furious combat.

* Classic Vampire story narrated with atmospheric cut-scenes, while the multiple choice dialogues will affect and alter the world around you.

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