Square Asks for Player Help in Reshaping FFXIV

Square Asks for Player Help in Reshaping FFXIV

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 3rd Jan 2011

Final Fantasy XIV

It is a rare thing for a game developer to turn to the players for help when everything has gone wrong and the direction of a project is in question, but that is precisely what Square Enix has done.

In an open letter emailed to every registered player for the online MMORPG, Naoki Yoshida, Producer/Director for Final Fantasy XIV began by wishing every player a Happy New Year, and then cut right to the chase, admitting that the past months of 2010 had been "tumultuous times for us all, what with the announcement of the development team restructuring and multiple version updates."

Mentioning the shakeup in the development team, which was gutted and replaced in a shock-move to stimulate a new path and to correct the loss of direction in the game, Yoshida announces that they have adopted some new keywords by which to live and find direction for the game: Fun, Live, Reboot, Rebuild.

In what may be the first step in the right direction, Yoshida asks the players to voluntarily participate in the process to better the game, starting with filling out what he terms a "questionnaire being issued to give you the players another means by which to have your voices heard."

In a world where arrogance is the standard fallback position for game publishers, this more open and accepting approach and including the players as part of the direction and solution for the game may just be what it takes to turn it around. Only time will tell...