Microsoft joins Digital Retailers for Hard Drive Industry Bailout

Microsoft joins Digital Retailers for Hard Drive Industry Bailout

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 26th Dec 2010

Dead Rising 2

Also for this game:

The economy may still be a bit on the wobble, with experts worried about the world's hard drive manufacturers, but the PC Gaming Industry appears to have the answer to that: deep discounts on games!

In the past week digital delivery services have risen to the support of hard drive makers by organizing their own bailout package, offering 50% to 85% off of the RRP on PC Video Games in a scheme to cause gamers to purchase new and additional hard drives by causing them to run out of space.

This grass roots bailout campaign should serve as proof positive for two issues: PC Gaming is not at risk of death, and the PC Games Industry are not the Greedy Guss they've been made out as! Oh, that and of course gamers themselves have every reason to rejoice!

The newest outfit to queue-up in support of those blokes in the hard drive industry is Microsoft's Games for Windows Live, and while they are a bit late to the dance they arrived in a fancier car it seems -- as the horror-centric titles they are offering include some very desirable games, which on the short list includes:

* A Vampyre Story (50% off RRP)
* Dead Rising 2 (50% off RRP)
* Fear 2 (50% off RRP)
* Plants vs. Zombies (25% off RRP)
* Resident Evil 5 (50% off RRP)
* S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (75% off RRP)

Going with a theme like that was just bloody brilliant, which goes to show that Microsoft may not show up first on race day, but they always show up with an interesting date!