You have to work through your Rage...

You have to work through your Rage...

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 21st Dec 2010

Sine Mora

Also for this game:

Hey, do you remember that little German kid on YouTube that went bug-shit nuts when the game he wanted to play stayed in the loading screen for too long? Loading screens, they take time, clearly something he did not know..

If you speak German (or Dutch like me) you can understand most of what he is saying -- he wants to play Unreal Tournament and the computer is going too slow, and this, you see, is making him angry. Okay, bug-shit nuts, he blew through "angry" in the first 10 seconds.

Rage is nothing new -- and rage at computers and video games is also nothing new, we have all felt that burning marble of anger in our gut when we come to the realization that the developer just gave us the finger in a game by allowing the antagonist to cheat, or took a shortcut that was cheap, or stuck too much grief code into a game. I hope that none of us got as angry as that German kid, but at least now, thanks to him, it is easier to understand a little better how the Germans could be so easily talked into invading Poland...

The point to all this? Anger is a problem we all have to some degree, and wouldn't it be great to have an instant outlet for that anger? A way to get it out of our system in a positive way? For all of you gamers who do not have a Rage Cage in their basement that they can go to when the need strikes them, a company called RageGage wants you to know that they have you covered!

The official word from the maker is upfront about the device:

"RageGage is a brand new novelty toy and USB gaming interface that uses a patent-pending pressure sensitive interface technology to gauge a user's level of rage. When users smash the soft gel cushion of a RageGage, the device emits a slew of customized phrases from polarizing public figures like President Obama, Rush Limbaugh, Paris Hilton, and more. When connected to a PC, RageGage functions as a pressure sensitive gaming interface, offering an entirely new way to interact with video games using the force of human actions - pokes, jabs, tickles, and punches."

Right, so what we have is a device that you can place near your computer that you can hit -- as hard as you like -- when you get angry -- and it is OK because you are supposed to hit it. OK that's pretty cool. But if you plug it into the USB port on your PC you can load a free game that comes with it that recreates those things you see people hit with large hammers in old movies with this metal thing that slides up and hits a bell and... Sorry, went off in to left field there. It comes with some free games that work well with its theme is what I mean to say.

More significantly it can be used as a touch-sensitive controller for mainstream video games, which could add whole new layers to Leisure Suit Larry...

More info can be had at the product website,, where their slogan is "Let it Out!" Personally I think they should have gone with something like: "Buy a RageGage, save a Keyboard!"