Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Demo on DSi Channel

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Demo on DSi Channel

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 15th Dec 2010

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

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Some of the best stories shared among mates begin "So I woke up and found myself..." and over the years I have heard -- and experienced myself -- some real zingers. My best mate Mattie tells the story of the first time that he has been introduced to shooters, these slick looking test tube concoctions that appear to be sweet but relatively harmless adult beverages.

Since they have schnapps as a base they are invariably sweet and sticky, but what he did not know is they also contained triple seq, so together with schnapps the concoction is a deceptive mixture that can quickly see you quite pissed.

His best story begins: "So I woke up in this strange hard metal place. I can only just get one eye open mate, and its is hot and bright and for the first ten seconds or so looking at the red metal bars above me I am convinced I am in the nick, and I slowly look around and discover I am naked and I am not alone -- there is a girl I don't know laying on the floor next to me, and she is naked too.

"Our clothes are piled above us on this bench seat, and just as I am getting my head back on straight I hear this disembodied voice saying 'It's six tickets apiece mate, if you want to ride?' I sit up and I am instantly sorry I did, when I realise that we're laying on the floor of a Tilt-A-Whirl car at the church fair, and it's now near to ten in the morning, and they are just opening up, and the bloke who runs the ride is loading it up for the first go of the day, see, and that's his voice, talking to me.

"So he says, 'I'm going to need 12 tickets mate, and I'll try to go slow for the first minute or so while you get dressed, right?' and I'm like, 'Thanks mate!' So I am digging in my pocket for change and he says, 'It's moments like this you need minties!"

Now that's a funny, but not as good as the story of this bloke Sissel, from Capcom's new game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective! His story begins, "I wake up and find myself dead, and I don't know who I am or how I got dead, or who made me dead..."

You play as Sissel, the protagonist, and as the game begins you find yourself able to possess inanimate objects, and travel back in time four minutes before a person is killed in order to change their fate. Your only link to your past is a young detective named Lynne and a near-sighted hitman named Jeego, and that is where the story begins. Well, that certainly tops waking up naked in a Tilt-A-Whirl car, that's for sure!

Phantom Detective releases on the Nintendo DSi platform on 11 January, 2011, and there is a free demo of it on the Nintendo DS Channel, so no excuses mate, give it a 'Whirl!