Pre-orders for A Game of Dwarves Now Open

Pre-orders for A Game of Dwarves Now Open

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 10th Oct 2012

A Game of Dwarves

The time has come for a pre-order of sorts for A Game of Dwarves! Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios have opened up pre-orders for the upcoming dwarf management title and, as an added bonus for early adopters, a barrel full of golden riches (a.k.a. beer!) will be bestowed upon those who purchase the title ahead of launch. Every pre-ordered copy of A Game of Dwarves will include access to the Ale Pack DLC, a delectable and delicious add-on that introduces dwarvenkindÂ’s favorite drink to the game and is a must for maintaining happiness in any well-to-do underground fortress.

Watch as the dwarves partake in the planting of their new beer garden here:

A Game of Dwarves can be pre-ordered at leading digital distribution platforms for $9.99. Find out more about the pre-order here: