Chaos Rings now on Android

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 10th Oct 2012

Chaos Rings

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Square Enix, Inc. announced today that the definitive mobile role-playing game, Chaos Rings, is now available for Android devices at the Google Play store for $12.99.

Originally developed for touch screen mobile devices, this critically-acclaimed RPG series features random battles, puzzle rooms, bosses to defeat, and the battle tournament called Ark Arena, where teams of two compete for victory and eternal life.

Players select one of four different couples and proceed to play through a story written exclusively for that couple. In these stories, the other couples will appear as opponents. By experiencing each couple’s unique and epic story, the mystery behind The Agent and the Ark Arena will be revealed and the player will be able to reach the story’s true conclusion.

Featuring a turn-based battle system, players are given the choice between "solo" moves, where they can enter commands separately, or "pair" moves, to execute actions as a team. Working as a pair allows the characters to concentrate their efforts for more effective power. Defeating enemy monsters allows players to obtain specific DNA information called "genes," which players can equip to learn the monster's magic and special attack moves. Characters will gain levels and earn experience points from defeating their foes to upgrade their team’s combo skills, enabling the pair to launch bigger, stronger and more devastating attacks.