Wikipad arrives at GameStop this Halloween

Wikipad arrives at GameStop this Halloween

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 7th Sep 2012

It seems like a funny name for a tablet device that was engineered from the start for playing games, but the odd monicker "Wikipad" aside, the device is just that. Wikipad is the name of the company and the name of the device it seems, and the choice to partner with GameStop -- one of the world's largest multichannel retailers of video games -- seems to be a rather shrewd one.

GameStop has partnered with Wikipad, Inc. to offer the Wikipad tablet -- which is presented as the first tablet with an attachable console-quality gamepad controller -- through its stores and website, with the Wikipad being available starting October 31st to consumers at the retail price of $499 USD.

"The Wikipad is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and will support PlayStation Mobile platform," says Fraser Townley, President of Sales for Wikipad, Inc. Townly goes on to explain that the choice of GameStop is not simply due its reputation as the the retail destination when it comes to video games. "Nobody but GameStop provides gamers with the best gaming content on the market," Townly said. "And for those that purchase or pre-order a Wikipad at GameStop, their tablet will have access to valuable extras including exclusive free, full-length game titles."

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Wikipad to launch this unique new gaming tablet," Joe Gorman, VP of GameStop's mobile business unit explains. "We love the innovation and know our customers are excited to see it in action."

Customers can pre-order the Wikipad now at GameStop stores nationwide or online at Wikipads pre-ordered at GameStop will come with value-added extras including full-length titles and an issue of Game Informer Digital.

Wikipad will launch in October with a full suite of games delivered by the latest video game platforms, including PlayStation Mobile, NVIDIA's Tegra Zone, and Google Play, as well as several upcoming unannounced platforms. To bring the best gaming experience to consumers, Wikipad will offer a premium 10.1" IPS screen, ultra-light chassis, quad core processor, expandable memory and an attachable console quality game controller.

The Key Specs on the device include:

-- Attachable console-like gamepad controller
-- 10.1 screen
-- 8.6 mm thin
-- Weighs less than 560 grams
-- 1200 x 800 IPS LCD Screen
-- 1.45 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
-- 1 GB of RAM DDR2
-- 16 GB of storage with a microSD slot for expansion

The official word on Software Partners so far includes Gaikai, GameStop, Goolge +, PlayStation Mobile, and Tegra Zone, with many more software announcements coming up in the near future. For more information on the Wikipad point your browser at You can also check out the video embedded below of a presentation and breifing on the Wikipad at this years CES.