The Invasion Begins: Flavor Monsters go Mobile

The Invasion Begins: Flavor Monsters go Mobile

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 30th Aug 2012

Flavor Monsters

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Fending off monsters, upgrading your hunting tools and saving civilization are just some of the challenges gamers will find through playing a new mobile game title, Flavor Monsters.truth, a game that is part of the nation's largest youth smoking prevention campaign pretty much ever... Seriously, this is not only a game news article but also a public service message, and really if you think about it, if you want to get the attention of teenagers and deliver information that can maybe save their lives at the worse, and prevent them from ruining their bodies at best, well then a video game sounds like the obvious choice!

Flavor Monsters has been created as an alternative infotainment delivery system as part of the national campaign to reach teens and young people and reveal the truth about smoking... Flavor Monsters will be available as a free download on select Apple and Android devices as part of the comprehensive campaign that encompassing touring, media integrations, swag-like gear and products, you know, stuff kids like.

The games that are part of the program are available online at the campaign website ( where they have been hosting and delivering information and games since 2006 as a way to highlight tobacco-related information to teens in what they think of as a fun and engaging manner. The launch of this second mobile game title, Flavor Monsters, represents the continuing efforts on the part of truth to evolve and connect with teens through different approaches that are calculated to appeal directly to their passions -- using entertainment channels like gaming, music, and sports -- to continue the conversation with teens around the issue of tobacco use. Pretty clever if you ask us...

"truth has always been on the cutting edge, connecting with teens where they naturally gather and through activities they enjoy and common experiences they share with their friends and peers," said Cheryl G. Healton, DrPH, president and CEO of Legacy, the national public health foundation that directs and funds the truth campaign. "With the launch of Flavor Monsters, truth'sfun and educational message can be carried with teens wherever they go through their mobile devices."

The game builds on the recent "Unsweetened truth" campaign that was launched in March 2011, and highlights the many different flavorings -- more than 45 -- found in tobacco products. Although most flavors are banned for use in cigarettes, tobacco companies still use them in many other tobacco products, some of which closely resemble cigarettes or mints.

The game will transport users into a not-too-distant future where "Flavor Monsters" are attacking Earth. The "Flavor Monsters" are creatures that represent the added flavorings in tobacco. Players will work to defeat these monsters, thereby stopping the monster invasion. The game will feature multiple skill levels, each of which will feature a different series of colorful, flavored monsters to be defeated. An accompanying field manual contains data on all the monsters, along with relevant tobacco-related facts, and details on the tools that can be used to defeat the monsters.

The Game and Just the Game

A careful examination of the game reveals that it is available as a free download for all of the iOS 4 and above devices as well as for most of the mobile devices that run Android 2.2 or above, and it requires a network connection in order to download and play it.

The iOS 4+ devices supported by the game include the iPhone 4+, iTouch 4TH Generation, iPad 2+ or better, and the Android Version requires Android 2.2 & 4 working with devices that have that and the higher level chipset (Snapdragon 2 and/or Tegra 2 or similar quality chips). The game engine was built using the Unity 3D platform and was developed by Sabertooth Interactive of Venice, CA.

Obtaining the most effective results from the game requires you to get your kids to play it, but speaking as both games journos and parents ourselves, we can say with confidence that there are right ways and wrong ways to deal with that issue, and simply handing them the game and ordering them to play it is probably not going to be the most effective approach to take. Installing the game on their devices and YOUR device is probably the better approach, particularly with younger players, because you can then engage them by playing the game yourself and challenging them to top your score. Boredom will likely be your best friend when it comes to older teens, particularly if they are trapped in the car for a long road trip and turn to their iOS or Android devices for entertainment... We're just saying, a new game is a new game and it is inevitable that they will eventually try it out just for the novelty of something new.

Hit up the official website to download Flavor Monsters and the other games in the campaign.