Reverb Reveals PAX Prime 2012 Lineup

Reverb Reveals PAX Prime 2012 Lineup

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 14th Aug 2012

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

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While very few members of the gaming community are familiar with the PR companies who represent the different games studios and publishers outside of getting news delivered to them thanks in part to the resources that are often provided by these companies and their agents and representatives, it may interest the GU community to know that Reverb Communications is one of the top PR companies in the world, and represents a surprisingly diverse number and range of games publishers and studios. That being the case, when they announced their PAX Prime Lineup this afternoon we felt it was news you would want us to cover!

One of the elves at Reverb slipped us a note today with the details of their planned presence at PAX Prime -- which is taking place this year from 31 August to 2 September in its traditional home city of Seattle, Washington, USA -- at which the following games will be represented:

-- Alien Spidy (Kalypso Media Digital Ltd.; XBLA, PSN, PC and Mac): Alien Spidy engages players to step into the web of an intelligent alien spider whose spider space ship has crash landed on Earth. In order to escape, Spidy must rescue his female spidey companion, Virgi, and collect all of the lost parts of his craft. Alien Spidy's unique web-swinging mechanics and beautifully illustrated environments make the game accessible to gamers of all ages, but it's the game's increasingly tough levels that are likely to engage hardcore players.

-- Beatbuddy (PC): A musical action-adventure where players take control of the eponymous Beatbuddy and navigate him through a unique musical world where each level is a song. Music, rhythm and interaction with the elements of a particular tune take center stage as you explore, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

-- Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller (PC): A thought-provoking mystery following Erica Reed, a Boston-based FBI agent haunted by the unsolved case of a serial killer who took her brother's life. Taking a turn for the strange, Erica investigates scenes with the ability of post-cognition, which allows her to sense an object's past with a mere touch. What unravels is a much greater, much more complex and enigmatic mystery, as it becomes clear that someone knows her secret. Demo stations of the game will be available at PAX Prime.

-- Dollar Dash (Kalypso Media Digital Ltd.; XBLA, PSN, PC): Find it, rob it, and keep it. Players grab the cash in this fast and frenetic top-down multiplayer versus game. Dollar Dash will have fans shouting for joy, as they make a dash with the cash. Players must attack, defend or outrun their competitors in any of the three game modes (Dollar Dash, Save the Safe or Hit'n'Run) using unique and comedic tactics.

-- Double Dragon: Neon (Majesco Entertainment; XBLA, PSN): Fight as twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee on an exciting adventure to save their shared love interest, Marian, from the evil Skullmageddon across 16 brawling levels filled with elaborate missions, malicious enemies and over-the-top battles. Double Dragon: Neon is the reinvigorated update to the classic 80's beat'em up smash hit that is reminiscent to the original.

-- Insurgency 2 (PC): Insurgency 2 is a strategic, fast-paced and strikingly realistic first-person shooter that puts the player in modern conflict zones. Featuring highly scalable HD graphics with new and improved levels and gameplay, Insurgency 2 will boast a wide variety of powerful weaponry, and deliver players a unique blend of tactical action they can't get elsewhere. Insurgency 2 PAX Prime demo stations will be linked in a 3v3 Deathmatch.

-- Pid (Might & Delight; XBLA, PSN, PC): Pid is a platform game that will turn everything about 2D gameplay upside down. Players take the role of a young boy that gets stranded on an old remote planet. He must fight off a variety of malicious robots bent on stopping him while befriending unlikely allies to shed light on a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.

-- Primal Carnage (PC): Primal Carnage is an asymmetrical, online multiplayer game of humans versus dinosaurs. Prepare to hunt AND be hunted as Primal Carnage sets players in a man versus prehistoric beast class-based team deathmatch -- savvy survivalists collide with foes of brute force, allowing players to choose a side. PAX attendees will be able to play the game on one of 12 kiosks linked in a 6v6 multiplayer match as part of the demo opportunity at the expo.

-- Rocketbirds: Hard Boiled Chicken (PC): Set in Albatropolis, a land full of birds taken over by a totalitarian penguin regime, players take the role of Hardboiled Chicken, the original Coq of War, who must assassinate the evil penguin leader Putzki. His mission will unlock the secrets to his mysterious, hard boiled past and uncover the real enemies of Albatropolis. Take on Putzki, in either single-player or co-op mode, and watch as Hardboiled Chicken's astonishing past is unveiled through a series of unlockable cut scenes and videos.

PAX Prime is the original incarnation of what has become one of the largest non-industry gaming expo's on the planet. Represented by two official events -- PAX Prime in Seattle each August/September, and PAX East in Boston in the Spring, PAX is an event at which members of the gaming public are the primary audience, and not the industry, PR's, games journalists, and GameStop Managers who appear at industry events like an army of undead warriors who... Yeah, probably over-communicating on that one...

If you happen to be headed to PAX Prime and you get the chance to play any of the titles above please feel invited to comment about them here using the comment system below -- as a member of the Gaming Update Community any information that you can share, including your own impressions of these titles, is a valuable and much appreciated effort!