Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances Free-to-Play Web Game Updated

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances Free-to-Play Web Game Updated

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 10th Aug 2012

Comm and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

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The elves and gnomes behind game development over at Electronic Arts have joined forces with the elves of Play-4-Free and Phenomic to offer a new way to indulge the urge to seek out and obtain that most precious of all resources -- Tiberium -- as a member of one of the two factions whose ability to rule the world depends upon your leadership and skills as a battlefield commander with the newest web-based offering in the C&C series, Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances.

Immersing yourself in this newest C&C adventure is simply a matter of hitting the Link to the Tiberium Alliances website, entering your Origin credentials, and choosing your side: The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) or the evil organization known as Nod! Gamers will find that playing Tiberium Alliances requires no download, no annoying patches, and no waits -- they simply log in and play!

-- Who are these Nod People? --

Even gamers who are well-versed in the lore of of Command & Conquer may not know the answer to this question, but just what does "Nod" stand for? Unlike GDI it is not an acronym -- which is why it is not written all in caps -- and even veteran players admit that throughout the many games in the series very little effort was made in educating players on just what the origins are for that shadowy organization of evil -- though of course if you ask members of Nod they will tell you that far from being a global cabal of evil bent upon world domination, they are actually the good guys -- freedom fighters locked in an endless struggle opposing the establishment; Big Brother; a right-wing organization passing itself off as a democratic entity under the misleading name "Global Defense Initiative" when in reality its focus is offensive, and it has been responsible for more bloodshed and misery than any other so-called "good" faction, well, you know, ever!

As your concerned source for all-things-gaming, your GU reporters sought to obtain this information from elves in the know who are deeply ensconced in the power base that is Electronic Arts, hoping to find the answer to the question what is this Nod thing anyway? You will be pleased to learn that we eventually managed to find an elf with access to the most secret of secret data archives at EA Games -- the library of box blurbs -- and this is what we have learned:

The name "Nod" originates in the Bilble, and comes from the term "Land of Nod."

The Land of Nod is the kingdom to which the infamous Cain -- the bloke who invented murder -- fled after kacking his brother Abel, and it is thought to have been located somewhere "to the east of Eden," and thus in addition to explaining in part its use in the world of C&C it also nicely backstops the code name used by the leader of Nod, a certain nattily-dressed very expressive bloke named Kane.

It has been suggested that the act of flight to avoid prosecution by the original Cain when he absconded to the Land of Nod may be an element to its choice as an organizational name, considering that "Nod" is associated with the act of a self-imposed exile... You may find it interesting to know that in the Hebrew language, the word "nod" translates roughly to mean both "wandering" and "fleeing," and is often associated with the concept of exile, with the state of unrest, and frequently is used to illustrate the act of wandering without a path.

In the C&C games "The Brotherhood of Nod" can be interpreted as the "The Brotherhood of the Exiled," which certainly makes a lot of sense considering that they have been forced to find and build secret bases, underground havens, and other hideouts due to the persecution of GDI, that bloodthirsty organization bent on the utter and complete destruction of Nod...

The members of Nod -- from the lowliest of soldiers to the members of its officer corps -- are drawn and come from some of the poorest regions of the world, areas that are defined by most industrialized nations as "Third-World societies" and, as such, tend to be from regions left out of the prosperity that has long been enjoyed by the stronger economic powers within the industrialized west.

It may also be telling and important to emphasize that the phraseology that is used in the nomenclature for The Brotherhood of Nod is itself rather revealing, considering that it uses the word "Brotherhood" to identify its basic structure in place of words like coalition, alliance, or cooperative, the latter three being words often used by GDI in its propaganda to describe Nod, which it considers to be more of a criminal organization along the lines of a military-like mafia rather than a well-organized group with common beliefs and spiritual unity which is closer to the structure of a religious order of monks than it is the mafia according to its historians... Just saying...

According to the Bible, the exiled Cain went on to live with his descendants in The Land of Nod, and it is not difficult to find similarities to the survival of Kane and his Brotherhood, which he considers to be his family, providing its members with safe haven in exile while at the same time offering them training, equipment, and a close-knit support system whose ultimate goal is to resist GDI, beat them to the Tiberium, and save the world! Well, that is what they say anyway...

-- Play 4 Free --

Considering that the price is right, gamers are invited to hit the URL above and check out the new interface, find a convenient battlefield, and begin the process of gathering and storing power, crystals, and Tiberium as you work towards improving your Construction Yard, deploying more advanced facilities including Refineries, Accumulators, and your Command Center, and building the offensive and defensive units that you will need to bring the battle to GDI while protecting your home base -- and its resources -- from capture!

Structured to follow the traditional strategies of the established series as well as playing to a clock -- time is both your friend and your enemy -- making the right decisions and exercising your personal strategy in choosing which units and buildings you deploy as you play the game will ultimately demonstrate whether you are a good general or a great one!

Upgrading your Construction Yard is your first priority since doing so increases the number of Construction Slots available to you -- which represents the number of physical facilities that you can deploy as part of your base and its infrastructure -- as along the way you begin to deploy an ever-increasing variety of units and, when the time comes, protect your troops, your base, and your capability to pursue the ultimate goal: victory!

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is a Free-to-Play title that makes use of the Pkay4Free Funds system, so while gamers can simply play for free and use the resources that they acquire in the game -- over time -- to upgrade their base and its resources as well as research and deploy new units, they also have the option of spending real-world money to obtain Play4Free funds that can then be used in teh game to more rapidly obtain the expansions that they desire. The call is yours!

-- About C&C Tiberium Alliances --

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a military science-fiction-based browser game of the massively-multiplayer online-real-time strategy persuasion (MMORTS) that was developed by Electronic Arts Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts. As mentioned above, it is a free-to-play online-only browser game -- so an active Internet connection is required to play the game.

The development of C&CTA began in mid-2011 with its Open Beta Stage commencing on March 15th, 2012, and its official release as a fully-playable candidate on May 24th, 2012. TA differs from previous titles in the C&C universe in that the game has no story mode, as its play largely consists of the goal of controlling the center of the game world, where the bulk of the strategic resources can be found.

The strategic resources important to game play include Crystals (the blue resource spots on the map), Tiberium (the green resource spots on the map), Power (generated from Power Plants), and the accumulation of Credits and Research Points.

Tiberium is used for Base Construction, Crystals are used to produce units, and power generated by Power Plants is used for both construction and certain unit actions. The credits accumulated are used primarily for transferring Tiberium and Crystals between player bases, as well as for researching new units when combined with Research Points.

The game requires an Origin account to play.