Paradox Interactive Releases Tour Videos

Paradox Interactive Releases Tour Videos

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 1st Aug 2012

War of the Roses

Also for this game:

Paradox Interactive could not be reached for comment this morning, following the conclusion of their epic "Six Devs and Rock 'n' Roll" game tour.

Presumed to be sprawled on the floor nursing a terrible hangover, the famed publisher refused to say anything to press other than a muttered request for aspirin, but several of Paradox's roadies were on hand to deliver a post-show wrap-up report. That report is available now in the form of a series of rocking game videos from the event, presenting fans who were unable to attend with the opportunity to check out everything they missed.

Included in the video lineup are rockstars from Paradox's pool of fresh new talent. These include:

The Showdown Effect, a 2-D multiplayer run-and-gun arcade combat title, last seen trashing its hotel room by diving headfirst through all of the windows. A new level and environment are featured in its latest video:

War of the Roses, master of medieval mayhem with massive multiplayer massacres, arrested on twelve counts of grand theft horse. Meet the Rangers in a new trailer:

Impire, a dungeon-management strategy game, currently in rehab after becoming dangerously drunk with power. Relive its global debut in the title's first-ever trailer:

Starvoid, a spacefaring RTS title with drop-in-drop-out multi-player for 12 (currently facing assault charges from several alien races). View the beta trailer:

A Game of Dwarves, a dwarf-management sim (still in the hospital after predictably drinking to excess). View previously released story trailer:

Dungeonland, a wild co-op action-RPG set in an adventurers' theme park, last seen organizing a road trip to other, less lethal tourist attractions. Take a look at the game's Dungeon Master Mode here:

Paradox Interactive also toured with Salem : The Crafting MMO, featured as the event's opening act, but lost track of them somewhere around the third tattoo parlor. They did manage to find one of Salem's new videos, however, featured here:

For more tour highlights, visit the tour blog at In addition, fans can join other Paradox groupies on, and visit