YouRock Guitar launches Pro Version Kickstarter

YouRock Guitar launches Pro Version Kickstarter

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 3rd Jul 2012


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The first time that we encountered YouRock was at CES in 2010, and before you nod, these are significantly more than just a music-instrument-like game controller -- they are real guitars that also happen to function as game controllers... And midi devices... Fully programmable ones that can accept pre-set instrument settings (including a variety of stringed instruments types) as well as custom-made creations by the user.

So when we heard that YouRock was in the process of launching a Kickstart campaign for a Pro Version of their Midi Guitar we thought that was just spiffy! For more info -- and to participate -- you can hit the link below:

There is actually a back-story here -- evidently for months their customers have been asking for a 'Pro' version of the YouRock Guitar -- something higher end and more professional. As a small company YouRock has limited resources for re-design and besides that, well, a lot of effort has already gone into their second-gen guitar that was released this month, so the details -- and money -- to create that means coming up with a new development project, getting a budget, and then getting it done. That is where you come in.

Our contact at YouRock -- Chasey Elion -- (hey Chasey!) says that the YRG-Pro is an important project for both their customers and YouRock Guitar, so they have decided to release the YRG-Pro as a community funded project on Kickstarter.

You participate in bringing the YouRock Guitar to the next level, she says, and as a result there are several pledge options and rewards suitable for everyone to make it easier for you to get involved.

The Kickstarter project will only run for a few weeks and it is essential to get momentum behind it because it is an all-or-nothing deal folks -- they either hit their funding target and that axe gets made, or they don't and it don't... The ball is in your court -- hit that link and support the company and help fund the YRG-Pro today by pre-ordering your very own and who knows, you might be a rockstar? Probably not -- we're just saying -- but still...