Top 10 Indy Games announced at Develop in Brighton

Top 10 Indy Games announced at Develop in Brighton

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 20th Jun 2012

The Develop Conference has announced the ten games shortlisted to be on display within the Indie Showcase sponsored by Unity, which features a wide range of game categories and platforms including mobile.

Delegates to the conference can play all ten games in the Indie Showcase area and vote for their favourite Showcase game in the People's Choice Award. To complement these two awards, an Editor's Choice award has been introduced for the first time to the showcase.

The Swapper by Facepalm Games has seen fantastic results since winning the inaugural Indie Showcase and has since managed to secure funding from the Indie Fund and The Swapper is scheduled for release in early 2013.

"Over 60 games were submitted for this year's showcase (almost double that of last year) and it was a genuine pleasure getting to try all of them out in order to narrow it down to the final 10," says Adam Green, managing director of Assyria Games Studio and head of the judging panel.

"It was especially great to see the range of titles; with everything from a full-fledged RTS game, to a game made entirely from checkboxes! All the developers who submitted titles really raised the quality bar this year with some truly exceptional titles having been submitted, making our job of narrowing them down to just ten incredibly tricky. Needless to say however; I think delegates at Develop in Brighton are going to have a lot of fun playing the final 10!"

"For the second year the response to the Indie Showcase has been incredible and it is a real testament to the creativity of indie developers," says Andy Lane, managing director of Tandem Events. "This year, we're delighted to have Unity on board as sponsors, but it's been a tough job for the judges to whittle the list down to these ten. However, everyone involved is excited to see the industry reaction when they have a chance to play them at Develop in a few weeks."

Situated on the coast of East Sussex in England, the resort community of Brighton is an ancient community that dates before the first official census (the Domesday Book of 1086) with historic roots as a health resort and holiday site best known for its sea bathing and hot springs, becoming famous in the mid-18th Century as a weekend and day-trip destination for Londoners seeking relief from teh heat of Summer in the city.

Originally made through Royal patronage by the Prince Regent (later King George IV) in the 1740's, the arrival of the railroad in 1841 transformed the modest seaside community into the preferred meeting and lunching destination for the financial and publishing industries of London, with the recent recently, gentrification of Brighton in the past decade transforming it into a preferred expo and event site as well, and making it the home for annual events like the Brighton Festival, the World Beard and Moustache Championships, and an expanding culinary presence as home to the Fiery Foods Chilli Festival, Blessing of the Fisheries, the Sussex Beer Festival, and the internationally recognized UK Foodies Festival.

In recent years Brighton has played host to a number of technology-based conferences, expos, and events, most significantly The Develop in Brighton Conference at which software, mobile app, and video game developers from the UK, Scotland, and the European Continent gather to celebrate their industries, as well as share advancements in tech that relate to games and gaming each year.

The shortlisted games for the Indie Dev Showcase 2012 sponsored by Unity are:

The Bridge by Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda -- a PC based gravity game whereby you tilt the world around you in order to guide your character to various points in the level.

Perspective by DigiPen -- a PC game that combines a platformer and first person shooter in truly unique way in order to provide a great puzzle experience.

Q.U.B.E. by Toxic Games -- a Portal-esque PC game combining a first person shooter and block physics game that creates a really fun experience.

Great Big War Game by Rubicon Development -- an excellently executed RTS style game for PC and iOS.

Zack Zero by Crocodile Entertainment -- the only PS3 game submitted with the mechanic of switching between character types, with each offering unique abilities makes for very fun and varied gameplay.

Captain Cat by Digital Tentacle -- a quirky iOS game, where you must guide Captain Cat's ship anchor through sea depths collecting coins and treasure as you go.

Voxeliens by Volumes of Fun -- a great PC re-imagining of Space Invaders in 3D. Your ground is slowly eaten away by enemy fire and you must destroy them before that happens (and without being hit yourself).

The Missing Ink by RedBedlam -- a great indie take to a MMO running on PC, iOS and Android.

International Racing Squirrels by Playniac -- a flash based game, which is both fun and aims to help kids gain an understanding of managing finances.

Lume by State of Play Games -- beautifully animated PC puzzle adventure game, which tests your visual, aural and memory skills.

Running from July 11th to July 12th within the Develop Expo, the Indie Showcase -- which is sponsored by Unity -- highlights the top ten unpublished, independently-developed games selected by a judging panel of industry experts. The process has taken into consideration graphics, gameplay, tech achievement and originality of each game with the panel also choosing the overall Indie Showcase winner, to be announced on Thursday the 12th of July.