DUST 514 New Eden Dev Diary - 'More Than Just Shooting the Other Guys in the F..

DUST 514 New Eden Dev Diary - 'More Than Just Shooting the Other Guys in the Face'

  • By: Jasmine Henry
  • Posted 24th May 2012

DUST 514

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The majority of next-gen console games these days include mutiplayer modes. FPS games especially. Take this base, capture this flag, kill these members of the other team - those are often the objectives you're given. DUST 514 too is an FPS with a giant multiplayer mode (in fact, it is solely a multiplayer game) but oh, it is a game that is so much more than that.

Given the obvious fact that DUST 514 is different because it is a free to play console MMO that links up to a PC MMO (it is directly connected and affected by what PC players of EVE Online are doing), DUST 514's biggest difference is actually the fact that the game's developer, CCP, have centered the gameplay around the world as a whole, as opposed to a few tallied headshots that simply change your rank.

This is perhaps the greatest feature of DUST 514 as your actions overall - whether you are making alliances, are fending for your life and for the success of corporation that you have set up or if you are simply killing another player for resources and points. As Thomas Farrer, a Producer on DUST 514 says in the new DUST 514 dev diary below, "[DUST 514 is] more than just shooting the other guys in the face".

Watch the team explain why their game is so unique in this respect in the DUST 514 New Eden trailer below.

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