Sony Conjure Up Magical Sorcery Launch Trailer

Sony Conjure Up Magical Sorcery Launch Trailer

  • By: Jasmine Henry
  • Posted 22nd May 2012


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Sorcery is the latest PS3 exclusive to come to Sony's behemoth of a next-gen console. Rather than being developed to shift units of the console, as is usually the case with console exclusives, Sorcery has actually been designed make Sony's take on motion controlled gaming - the PS Move (which works with the PS3) - seem like a collection of hardware worth owning.

The game has been developed specifically for the controller, with every aspect directly tailored to how you'd wave a wand or how you'd cast a spell should you ever be faced with giant ice trolls, alongside the various other mythical beasts that Sorcery includes.

Throughout Sorcery, you'll have access to a plethora of spells as you, an apprentice named Finn, hone your magic to become the greatest sorcerer there ever was! In between saving the world from a legion of doom, that is.

Adventure, magic and gorgeous visuals are all at play here and you can see it for yourself below in the new Sorcery launch trailer.