3D Chess Sim, Pure Chess, to be Released on PS3 and PS Vita

3D Chess Sim, Pure Chess, to be Released on PS3 and PS Vita

  • By: Jasmine Henry
  • Posted 22nd May 2012

Pure Chess

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Already on the PlayStation Store we have Frobisher Says , a PS Vita game that takes mundane tasks like soup stirring and makes them a tremendous amount of fun. Now the handheld PlayStation platform, as well as its big brother, the PS3, will see another oft. tedious (for some) activity given the game treatment, complete with bright, 3D visuals ; new title, Pure Chess.

Pure Chess is set to be the first published title from new publisher on the block, Ripstone, and will allow you to release your inner board game lover as you partake in one of the world's most popular games, scrapping the cardboard grid and the easily lost pieces for stunning HD graphics on the virtual screens of your TV (by way of your PS3) and your PS Vita.

Ripstone and the developer of the game, Voofoo Studios, worked with a chess Grandmaster (the highest attainable title on the chess scene) during the development of Pure Chess in order to maintain that same level of wit and cunning that the real-life version of the classic strategy board game requires. So if you're looking for "the most realistic Chess game on the Playstation Network Store", then look no further as Pure Chess is it.

The Pure Chess release date is 29th of May, 2012 (US PSN Store), while the game is already available on the PAL PSN Store.

Click here to visit the Pure Chess website.