CCP Now Taking Dust 514 Beta Sign-Ups

CCP Now Taking Dust 514 Beta Sign-Ups

  • By: Jasmine Henry
  • Posted 21st May 2012

DUST 514

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Dust 514 is the online first person shooting (and PS3 exclusive) counterpart of EVE Online, the massively popular PC MMO that has you mining, waging war and roaming the galaxy from the comfort of your own spaceship alongside hundreds of thousands of others. The two games integrate into a large-scale cross-platform MMO experience unlike anything the gaming world has ever seen before, so in order for EVE Online and Dust 514 to do so harmoniously, the developer of both games, CCP, will need to set up a beta. Lucky for you and I then, that the launch of the latest Dust 514 beta is right around the corner...

Dust 514 has previously been in a closed beta, which was played by thousands, but this upcoming beta is set to be made a little more open and easier to get into by its developer, who will no doubt want to get as many players testing it as possible before Dust 514 is released later this year.

CCP have detailed two instances that either guarantee or improve your chances of getting a spot in the next Dust 514 beta. They say that while not a requirement for beta entry, being a player of EVE Online increases the probability that you'll be invited into the beta and devout EVE Online fans who attended the EVE Fanfest in Iceland, back in March of this year, will automatically be invited to get involved in the huge battles and intense combat that the beta's gameplay will provide.

Players who neither traveled all the way to Iceland or have played EVE Online will be glad to know that while your chances of getting into the beta now are rather slim, CCP plan on taking on even more players over the Summer.

Click here to find out how you can register for the Dust 514 beta.

The Dust 514 release date is 2012