Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC Launched

Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC Launched

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 20th Apr 2012

Mount and Blade: Warband

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The period in history that covers the Napoleonic Wars has always held a fascination for gamers -- even in the era before video games were a fantasy in the mind of bored board gamers the era was the focus of dozens of different games -- and let us not forget its celebration by writers of historical fiction such as Patrick O'Brian Aubrey/Maturin series, G.S. Beard's Fury series, and Bernard Cornwell's iconic Sharpe's series -- but wouldn't it tweak your noggin to learn that Napoleon himself was a gamer? It's true!

In addition to being a character in many video games, Napoleon himself was an avid gamer, and not just for games like chess -- Napoleon was well-known for playing card games, including a game that he made up using cards and dice that has a curious similarity to Dungeon's and Dragons... Some gamers think he was a time traveler but personally we kind of find that hard to believe... After all if he was a time traveler how do we explain is ill-fated 1812 Russian Campaign? And what about his vacation home on Saint Helena? We're just saying...

On a more modern -- and fun -- note, PC strategy masters Paradox Interactive confirmed the release of an all-new DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband for the PC called that brings the brutal real-time combat of Mount & Blade to 19th Century Europe, and how cool is that?

Presenting players with the opportunity to re-fight the final years of the Napoleonic Wars as any of five historical superpowers using more than 220 unique military units, the DLC introduces the "What If?" factor in spades -- and with a wide range of soldiers at their command, from artillery and engineers all the way to battlefield musicians, strategy gamers can now engage in epic multiplayer mayhem with up to 250 players at once and really ask what if... A lot!

The Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC is available now for $9.99 (US) but of course you will also need the base game to play it... And the DLC features:

-- 5 nations with more than 220 unique units to choose from, with accurate early 19th century weapons and uniforms;
-- A wide range of artillery pieces ranging from field cannons to mortars, capable of firing explosive shells and rockets – all fully controllable by players;
-- Barricades, trenches, and explosives via the multi-purpose Engineer class;
-- Massive multiplayer battles with up to 250 players;
-- More than 40 classical background music tracks;
-- Special musician units with drums, fifes, bagpipes or trumpets, able to play historically accurate tunes; all recorded and played by award winning musicians;
-- The ability to lead squads of soldiers against each other in the new commander battle mode.