N-Controll Announces New Avenger Elite Controller

N-Controll Announces New Avenger Elite Controller

  • By: Geofry S. Glenn
  • Posted 20th Apr 2012

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Gamers come in many flavors, from uber-casual Pokemon Master to the Hard Core Professional Shootmaster, and it might surprise you to learn that despite the wide latitude in gamer types and genres if you ask the average gamer if they would like to obtain an edge for their gaming -- something that will improve their speed, accuracy, and time -- most of them are going to say yes! Hopefully with the qualification "as long as it is game legal" added in there somewhere but still, the point is that most gamers will seek out an edge if they can find one.

When peripheral maker N-Control first introduced their Avenger line of controller assists to the gaming public at PAX East last year it was the first chance that most gamers had to see the odd spider-like device that you snap-on to your gamepad and that, no kidding, provides a significant button-access and speed edge!

That is why the announcement by David Kotkin, founder of N-Control, of the launch of the newest in the Avenger line -- the Avenger Elite -- got our attention. When it is released later this month the new assistance device is expected to be popular with gamers -- the original Avenger certainly was... Called the "AE" by the folks over at N-Control, the device remains fully legal for use by gamers at professional gaming competitions, and is set to provide amateur gamers an opportunity to "up their game," according to Kotkin.

"The Avenger Elite adapter may look a lot like previous versions of the Avenger but it represents a major leap forward for what was already a very advanced product," Kotkin explains. "Using extraordinary new alloys and metals made in America specifically for the Elite, the new Avenger also makes use of medical grade nano technology and a new military grade precision hair trigger kit.

"The hair trigger is even more sensitive to the touch than in previous versions. The special military grade black elastic silicone stretch provides simple solution for what had been a complex problem,” he went on to say. "I call it the 'perceived exertion' effect. Your hands feel five times stronger than they actually are. Very little effort is needed to press the triggers. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the trigger to your own comfort level. Nothing else comes close to providing speed and accuracy with even the slightest touch. The new trigger is closer to the firing point than ever thought possible."

According to Kotkin the AE essentially remaps the gamepad buttons so that they are closer to the fingers, a modification that is of particular value in the shooter genre. New spring-against-spring action on the triggering device creates a "bounce" effect that makes the second trigger pull easier which provides a quicker reaction time for the shooter and provides less trigger travel and greater accuracy.

According to N-Control, the AE has an easier learning curve as well -- no small matter considering that as with all assistance devices for controllers, there is a certain level of acclimation necessary in order to grow confident with the device.

The original Avenger and the AE are available through international gaming retailer GameStops' online store, with the AE selling for the MSRP of $49.99 and the standard Avenger priced from $35 to $45 depending upon where you buy it. Prices are in US dollars.

For more information about the devices check out the official website over at avengercontroller.com.