Dragon's Dogma Demo Confirmed for April 24th Release

Dragon's Dogma Demo Confirmed for April 24th Release

  • By: Jasmine Henry
  • Posted 16th Apr 2012

Dragon's Dogma

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Capcom's upcoming open world action RPG, Dragon's Dogma will be getting a demo. Confirmed by the publisher themselves, the demo will be available from the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store on April 24th and April 25th (respectively).

The Dragon's Dogma demo will allow you to assume the role of either the Strider of Fighter character classes, each coming with different skills and a different demo mission.

With the skilled melee attacks of the Fighter, you must explore underground tunnels and chambers to reach the "deadly" Chimera.

The Strider, on the other hand, is a rogue-like character, preferring bows and daggers over much heavier weapons. Capcom describes this class as being "swift and nimble". Your mission as the Strider is to defeat the Griffin, a nasty beast that inhabits the open-plains surrounding the game's capital of Gransys.

Both missions can be taken on with three supporting 'pawn' characters, who make up your party.

Capcom have also said that should you wish to export your demo-created character into the full version of Dragon's Dogma, you can do that when the game is released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in May.