Pocket God now available on J2ME phones

Pocket God now available on J2ME phones

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 23rd Mar 2012

Pocket God

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In Pocket God's cartoon universe, you are the omnipotent deity, and you get to decide the fate of a tribe of savages living on a desert island. In an offbeat humour universe, gamers unlock new powers during the game allowing them to -- among other things -- feed their Pygmies to the sharks, play with the weather, and electrocute them, set off volcanoes eruptions, and teach the Pygmies to swim by throwing them into the sea -- which should sound like some fun conversation starters at the Pygmy water cooler, eh?

As well as developing your knowledge by performing hilarious tasks, Pocket God offers a variety of secondary quests and mini-games, all of which to test your tribe endlessly. For example, hatch ten dinosaurs on the island to wage a campaign of terror against your Pygmies. Two choices are then available to you: either you raise your tribe from the dead to feed the T-Rex, or arm them with lances to defend themselves and launch a quick-fire mini-game.

iOS gamers have known about this for a while, but if you do not happen to be one of those, well, take heart! The J2ME version should bring Pocket God to your Java-enabled phone soon!

The Official Pocket God Trailer

What fate will you inflict on your Pygmies?