Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - Character Bios and Powers

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - Character Bios and Powers

  • By: Rich
  • Posted 1st Sep 2010

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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Axel Steel: Determined to unearth the cryptic origins of Metal, Axel has toured long across the globe studying the ways of the ancients. But the ancients have plans for him as well…
Warrior Axel Steel: Axel emerges as an embodiment of the undying nature of rock. His music now guided by the wisdom of the ages, he wonders if this new power is a blessing or a curse.
Warrior Power: Resurrector+ (earn 5 Ankhs to instantly resurrect you. Save Ankhs to earn extra Power Stars)

Casey Lynch: Already a warrior in the eyes of many, the indomitable Casey needs only to take one final step to achieve her greatest feat.
Warrior Casey Lynch: The scales that armor her skin now reflecting her inner strength, Casey is completely prepared for battle, body and soul.
Warrior Power: Streak Guardian+ (2 Shields guard your streak. Long streaks earn 5 extra Power Stars)

Judy Nails: Judy's exuberance has carried her far in life, but it is supported by her exemplary skill, which will soon be put to the ultimate test
Warrior Judy Nails: Finally attaining her altered state, Judy grins and grips her instrument with impish glee, eager to flex her new-found powers onstage.
Warrior Power: Crowd Hyper+ (Rock Meter starts maxed. Overflow Rock Meter to earn 5 extra Power Stars)

Johnny Napalm: Johnny's energy is boundless, but unfocused and wild. Given a greater goal, though, he could bring his tempestuous nature to bear.
Warrior Johnny Napalm: Johnny has ceased to care about authenticity, self, or anything aside from the sound. In his true form, he sees with the clarity that comes only by embracing chaos.
Warrior Power: Speed Freak+ (2x minimum multiplier that rises quickly. Stay over 3x to earn 5 extra Power Stars)

Lars Ümlaut: Lars has earned many loyal supporters, fans who have followed him across the globe, but will they accompany him to a still stranger place?
Warrior Lars Ümlaut: Lars has dug deep within his soul and tapped into his most primitive nature. What has emerged is no longer even human, but Lars feels this new form suits him well.
Warrior Power: Multiplier Extender+ (max multiplier is 6x instead of 4x)

Pandora: Pandora has spent a lifetime studying music theory, history, and technique. All her knowledge will now be brought to bear in her ultimate assignment.
Warrior Pandora: Her transformation complete, Pandora meditates on the forthcoming showdown, for which she has never felt more ready.
Warrior Power: Star Power Nova+ (Star Power multiplier is 6x instead of 2x)

Echo Tesla: Driven by an insatiable desire to create, Echo has bent many a machine to her will, but this night she will perform her greatest feat of technological mastery.
Warrior Echo Tesla: Fused with the machines she has surrounded herself with, Echo has never felt more alive, empowered, and ready to rock.
Warrior Power: Star Power Generator+ (get 10% Star Power for every 10-note streak)

Austin Tejas: Surrounded by his possessions, Austin still feels and emptiness inside. He's avoided the spotlight so far, but his feet are on the path.
Warrior Austin Tejas: Austin has shed all worldly cares along with his corporeal form. His spirit is unshackled at last!
Warrior Power: Star Power Amplifier+ (Star Power earned from phrases is 4x normal amount)