Farmville Adds Hawaiian Paradise Farm to Game

Farmville Adds Hawaiian Paradise Farm to Game

  • By: CM Boots-Faubert
  • Posted 7th Mar 2012


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Whether this is good news or bad news depends on how much you like Farmville we suppose, but this week marks the public launch of yet another farming location for fans of the Facebook social game Farmville, as FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise moves to free access (the first week was made available to VIP Farmers only) as it slowly rolls out to all farmers.

If you have not received your invitation in game for access yet, be patient as it is most likely rolling out in phases throughout the next few days. Early VIP access began last week for farmers who paid Farm Cash to get to their Hawaiian Paradise farms early.

If you have not visited your farm lately you may be surprised to learn that this is the fourth expansion and new themed farm to be added to the game - the previous three are English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, and Winter Wonderland, in that order. While we are sure that farming on the islands will be an interesting experience -- especially since they have made coconuts a form of currency there -- we have to wonder, who has time to maintain that many farms?

Once players accept the invitation and visit their farm in Hawaii for the first time, it is added to the drop-down menu of their farms to make visiting a little easier, but be warned, the unique surroundings may give you a case of island fever, and the only cure for that is boat drinks and TV shows about bounty hunters...

We're sure Dog is pleased...