Forge of Empires - More Details Emerge

Forge of Empires - More Details Emerge

  • By: Rich
  • Posted 30th Jan 2012

Forge of Empires

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More information about the rare good, trading system and city construction has emerged for InnoGames' latest browser based strategy game, Forge of Empires.

InnoGames are currently accepting pre-registrations on it's official website for the game:

Rare resources like glass, copper or iron are important to playerÂ’s progress and vital to a peaceful way of playing. Several production buildings and varying supplies of 22 different goods add to the challenge. Players must undertake various tasks including research, trade, warfare and tactical battles, all of which are necessary to lead a Stone Age village through various epochs and transform it into an impressive and prosperous city.

Rare Goods Screens

Aspiring architects and city-planners have to juggle several factors; residential and production buildings provide coins and supplies, as well as housing space to accommodate an ever-growing population. Military buildings allow players to recruit troops to defend their city and conquer neighbor provinces. Goods Buildings produce rare resources like marble or honey, which can be used for trading and diplomacy, in order to keep citizens happy, however, players must also consider community and cultural buildings, such as schools, theaters and, later in the game, much grander structures like Castles and Cathedrals.

City Building Screens

Players gain access to several supplies of raw goods, such as wool or trees, by conquering provinces on the world map. Resources can be refined to rare goods, like lumber or cloth, but as every resource needs its own production building, the outcome is largely dependent on the supplies at hand and trade with other players is important. Obtained resources can be used to unlock new technologies on the research tree and to negotiate with NPCs. By fulfilling their demand of resources, peacefully-minded players can endeavor to assimilate provinces without bloodshed.